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10 Home Decoration Ideas for Christmas

The holidays are a great time of the year to showcase how beautiful your home is with festive decorations and a cozy atmosphere. There’s nothing more welcoming than a well decorated home that gives you that warm, holiday feeling inside. If you need some inspiration for decorating your home this season, check out these 10 home decoration ideas for Christmas:

  1. Sweet Tidings

    This home décor theme focuses on a sweet and colorful set up. Make use of those holiday candy canes and place them in decorative cups as centerpieces, on your tables and kitchen counters. Try filling a clear vase or tall decorative glass with red and white peppermint balls and mini marshmallows!

    You could also use ribbon candy, holiday colored chocolates, and other colors of candy canes and place them in arrangements around your home. If you plan on getting a Christmas tree, a white tree with silver, gold and red ornaments will really compliment this sweet theme!

  2. Overhead Luxury

    Sparkly snowflakes and festive baubles aren’t just for the Christmas tree – You can add them around your home as well! Highlight your overhead lighting with shimmering decorations of snowflakes and ribbons. Stick to clean and crisp colors of pale blues, silvers and whites.

    You can also hang giant ornaments and snowflake decorations from your chandeliers and finish them off with elegantly tied satin ribbons. Make sure you stick with this color scheme when you are setting up your dining table, too!

  3. Dreaming of a White Christmas

    Make your home feel like a winter wonderland by using a white theme to decorate! Decorate with white stockings instead of red, and use white and silver ornaments for the tree.

    Dress your couches and chairs with cozy white blankets and pillows, and decorate the shelves and countertops in your home with faux snow and small white frosted trees to really amp up the snowy feeling!

  4. Merry and Bright

    Incorporate lanterns and candles to add warmth and light to your home! Place clear lanterns on your mantels, or use them as centerpieces on tables.

    Fill the lanterns with different colored ornaments and Christmas lights for extra holiday spirit! Stick to reds, gold, and browns for this theme, as it will compliment the lanterns and candle lighting the most.

  5. Play Up the Plaid

    Use plaids of different patterns and sizes to give you home that old-school feel. Use plaid wrapping paper for gifts, plaid ribbon to hang around your tree, fireplace, and countertops, and use plaid ribbon to tie bows around your dining table and flower vases. Stick to red and green plaids to add a layered look but keep the holiday theme!

  6. Berries and Roses

    Create elegant Christmas centerpieces with red roses surrounded by white tallow berries in silver vases! Tuck in pieces of boxwood garland and branches of red berries around the base of all the vases. Place small, gold candles around the tables by the vases to accentuate the colors of the white berries and roses.

  7. The Great Outdoors

    Bring the outside into your home by using decorations that resemble the outdoors during the holidays. Use candles shaped like branches, drift wood decorations, and accentuate your fireplace. You can also place wreaths on the inside and outside of your home to add outdoorsy, green colors. Don’t forget to give holiday love to your outdoor patios and porches as well – they deserve just as much décor as the rest of your home!

  8. Birds and Feathers

    Feathers give off that pure and delicate look, just like the first snow of winter! Add a more modern twist to your home by incorporating birds, owls or feather ornaments into your wreaths or as centerpieces.

    Use festive-colored feathers to fill clear glass balls for a unique and elegant display. If you’re tired of the traditional Christmas pine tree, use a white feather topiary-style tree and string it with tiny lights for a fresh, clean look.

  9. A Succulent Christmas

    Be a little different this year and take advantage of the ease of living succulents. They are earth-friendly, low maintenance and a great decorating tool. Arrange some in a centerpiece or add more flare by displaying a succulent wreath or garland.

    Use small glass terrariums with red ribbon and fill them with succulents to hang around your home, fireplace, or even as ornaments on the tree! However you decorate with these enduring plants, you can still enjoy them long after the holiday season.

  10. Got the Blues

    Blue is a surprisingly appealing Christmas decorating color. Get creative and use blue colors as accents or main themes, but be careful not to overdo it. Using bold, blue bulbs and ornaments will contrast well with the green of the tree.

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