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10 Home Features That Need To Be Replaced

Selling a home is a difficult process. There are many factors that you can and cannot control. You have the ability to decide how to stage your home, what to price your home, and how to market your home. But you cannot control who is going to come to your home, if they are going to like your home, and if they are going to make an offer for your home. The aspects of the home selling process that you do have control over are going to greatly impact the aspects that you do not have control over. And one way you are going to sell your home more easily is through making it appealing to homebuyers.

Here are 10 home features that need to be replaced in order to make your home more marketable.

  1. The paint job. When a person first goes to a home, the paint job will be one of the first things they notice. Typical homeowners are not going to be looking to purchase the one home that is a different color from every other house in the neighborhood. Though your bright orange house may have worked well for you, a bright colored house is not going to attract the majority of buyers. This is true for both the inside and outside of a home. The more neutral a color, the more people you are likely to have interested in your home. Consider repainting the house and rooms that stand out. When it comes to selling a home, the more similar the color scheme is to your neighbors homes, the better.
  2. The front door. After the color of the home, the next thing a homebuyer is most likely to notice is the front door. You do not want a front door that is going to cause a prospective homebuyer to turn the other direction. A front door needs to be clean, in style, and sturdy. If your current front door is in style and sturdy, then you will just need to potentially repaint the door and replace the appliances. However, if your door is out of style and not sturdy, consider buying a new one. Purchasing a new front door is one of the renovations where you are most likely to recoup the cost.
  3. The doorbell. A doorbell that does not work is an indication of a home that is not well taken care of. A doorbell is easily fixable, commonly used, and one of the first parts of a home a guest is going to use. If a homeowner does not take the time to fix an easily fixable aspect of the home, than a prospective homebuyer is going to wonder what other aspects of the home have been neglected.
  4. Windows and side doors. Whether it is the screens on your windows or the screens on your doors, a prospective homebuyer is going to notice if there are holes. They are going to notice missing glass in the windows, broken glass in the doors, chipped wood, and missing paint. Get it all fixed! You do not necessarily have to buy all new supplies to fix the features that are not up to par. A new paint job, screen repair patches, or replacement glass should make your home more appealing.
  5. The landscaping. A prospective homebuyer is looking to purchase your home, meaning they are going to be paying attention to the details. A landscape that has uncut grass, bushes that have not been trimmed, rocks that have left the rock pathway, and weeds surrounding the flowers are going to be seen. Make sure that the landscape looks fresh and well kept. Adding mulch is an easy way to make the landscaping look bright and clean.
  6. The smell. A bad smell found in a home is going to make a prospective homeowner cringe and regret ever wanting to see your home. If you are a smoker or have a pet, you are going to need to clean the house thoroughly. Start by opening up all the windows to allow fresh air to blow through. For a smoker, clean the walls, ceiling, carpets, doors, drapes, and windows. You will want to use stronger ingredients like ammonia, vinegar, and glycol to clean the house and get rid of the smell. For a pet owner, you will mainly need to clean the floor to get rid of any stench the pet has left behind. Use a strong carpet cleaner. It may take multiple times before the house smells fresh. When dealing with a stench in the house, make sure to have a trusted family member or friend come over to let you know if the house smells or not. A smell can be hard to notice when a person lives with it all of the time.
  7. Drips and puddles. If the faucet in the kitchen drips continuously or there is a small puddle at the bottom of the toilet, do something about it. Any sign of a leak is going to cause the buyer to question the state of the home and whether or not you really took care of it. Drips can typically be DYI projects. For puddles, consider having a plumber fix it for you.
  8. The squeaky hinges. Squeaky hinges have a tendency to make people think the home is old and creepy, just like in a horror movie. It also annoys people quite easily. Fix your squeaky hinges by adding a lubricant. Substances like olive oil, DW40, or soap are going to help the hinges. Make sure to lift the hinge slightly, and then add the lubricant. Check the home for squeaky hinges in the doors, windows, and cupboards. You do not want a prospective homebuyer to find the squeaky hinge before you do.
  9. The lighting. Go through the house and either clean or replace your lighting. Homeowners are really interested in bright homes. Make sure that there is nothing hindering your home from being as bright as possible. The dirt and bugs surrounding the lights are not going to help the lights shine more brightly. Dim or broken light bulbs need to be replaced.
  10. The kitchen. This is one of the most important rooms in the house. The majority of prospective homeowners really care what the kitchen looks like. If you have an old kitchen, consider making some changes. Unfortunately, to remodel a kitchen, it takes a large chunk of money. Instead of completely renovating the kitchen, there are small changes that you can make. Begin by repainting the walls. Unlike the rest of the house, where the colors should be neutral, the kitchen is the one room you can have a bright color. Depending on the style you go for, a yellow or red can accent well. Then, look to switch out the handles on your cabinets and drawers to give a new, in style look.

By taking charge in these 10 areas, you are increasing the chances of being able to sell your home. The prospective homebuyer will see you as a homeowner who has been responsible in caring and taking pride in your home. Which in return, may cause them to do the same.

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