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10 Ideas to Create Great Curb Appeal

Having curb appeal is essential to selling a home. It draws the attentions of buyers and gives them lasting first impressions. What are ways you can change your curb to make it more appealing to buyers? These landscaping tips and home decorating ideas will help you have the best curb appeal possible.

  1. Decorate the door. The front door should be the focal point of the home. A door that has customized wood or an attention seeking color (red, blue, green, etc.) will attract people. The door needs to reflect the design of the home.
  2. Have symmetry. The plants, the lights, the door décor should all be positioned to be symmetrical. It pleases the eye and creates balance.
  3. Include landscape lighting. Have lights that accent specific areas of your garden or that highlight your walking path. Lights increase safety and security but also add an extra layer of interest.
  4. Renovate the garden. Flowers and plants make a home welcoming. Already made plants can be found at garden centers if you do not have a green thumb. You want the landscaping to be asymmetrical, making it dynamic with a staggered arrangements.
  5. Fix the mailbox. Run down, old mailboxes are not appealing. Consider buying a new one, giving your old one a makeover, and surrounding your mailbox with plants. The mailbox should fit with the style of the home.
  6. Include outdoor art. Bird feeders, wind chimes, fountains, or a sculpture will add uniqueness to your garden. This does not mean your garden should be filled with outdoor art; a few pieces do the trick.
  7. Accent windows. Whether through adding shutters or trimming the windows with an accent, draw attention to your windows. It will enhance the beauty of your home.
  8. Painting. New paint will always increase the curb appeal. It makes the home look new and fresh. Highlight areas of the home with a flash of color.
  9. Clean up the driveway. If the driveway is still in good condition, clean it up. If it has cracks or large stains and you do not want to completely redo it, fix the cracks and then stain the concrete.
  10. Have a walkway. It makes the home more welcoming and helps focus the buyer on the front entrance. Old walkways can be redone through placing concrete over the old walkway and adding brick or stone to border it. Otherwise, an all stone or brick pathway is ideal.

Some of these are simple inexpensive changes, others could cost a little more. However, the more you complete, the better your curb appeal. Do what you can to have the best curb appeal on the block!

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