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10 Tips For Decorating A Small Space

Small spaces in a home can be awkward for homeowners. The unusual size can easily cause a homeowner to feel overwhelmed. To make a small room look good is not a simple task. Because of the shortage of space, these rooms look cramped with not much in them. They are also not very forgiving, with a lack of space and distraction to keep the visitor from noticing any décor mistake. In a small room, the details are important. With these 10 tips for decorating a small space, you will be on your way to making that small, awkward space a new treasured element of the home. Small rooms have a variety of functions. In some homes, the small room is a kitchen; in others it is a bedroom, storage room, bathroom, or office. No matter what type of small room you have, these 10 tips will prove to be effective:

  • Make it a treasure. Many homeowners struggle with determining the purpose of a small room, but the homeowner who makes the small space into a jewel is going to learn to treasure the small space. For example, if you change the small bedroom into a cozy, 60’s styled bedroom, people are going to flock to that room.
  • Have furniture proportionate to the size of the room. In a small space, you should not select furniture that would fit a large room. The furniture should be smaller and scaled to fit the size of the room. A large piece of furniture in a small room is going to stick out and make the room look small. However, if a large piece of furniture is selected, only pick one piece and make the room symmetric. It will give the room an elegant but simple look.
  • Do not cram the space. The more things found in a small space, the more busy and petite the room is going to feel. Every object in a small room should have a specific purpose. Using the room as storage is not going to make your home special.
  • Use mirrors as decoration. Mirrors give the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. They reflect light, which opens up space. If you have a small living room space, one idea to try is having a large mirror that goes from floor to ceiling. This causes the room to look like it opens up to another room.
  • Have lightly colored walls, with a flash of color. White or cream walls are going to make the space look larger than it actually is. But, a bright color in the room is going to cause the person entering the room to focus on that color, not the size of the room. In the bathroom, a homeowner can add a line of brightly colored tile. In a bedroom, have the back wall painted a bright color.
  • Use large patterns and textures. In a large room, textures and patterns can cause the room to feel overwhelming. But in a small space, large patterns and textures are going to bring the room to life. For the bathroom, consider adding a patterned shower curtain or patterned tile. For the bedroom, experiment with a textured and patterned chair. A small room is the best space to try creative ideas that could not be done in other spaces.
  • Have built-in furniture. Built-in furniture frees up floor space by using wall space. For a bedroom, you can have a desk, closet, bookshelf, bedside table, and even the bed all built into the walls. In the kitchen, the shelves, table, and cabinets can all be built-in. In the bathroom, in addition to more shelving, the sink can also be built into the walls. The built-in features will help save space in the room.
  • Have creative storage. With limited floor space, the key to good storage is to go tall, using the walls. Have the commonly used items stored in an easily accessed location, and then any seldom used items stored in above the head storage spaces. One creative way to store items is by making the storage on the walls the decoration for the room. This is most commonly done in a kitchen, where, for example, a painting could be replaced with a nicely aligned row of spices.

Homeowners usually do not react to a small room with the same excitement they do when seeing a large bathroom or master bedroom, but when decorated correctly, a small room can become the most exciting room in a home. Small rooms give potential for experimentation and imagination. Make the most of your small room by getting creative and giving the small room a style and charm not found in any other room.

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