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3 Gadgets for your Home

Technology – it impacts every part of our day. In a home, technology is used to cool the house, as security, to heat up food, and the list goes on. In a survey created by HGTV and ERA Real Estate, 46% of the 2,437 participants indicated that it was important for a home to have smart technology. A little over half of those surveyed wrote that they would like to add smart technology to their home in order to help it sell. Smart technology in a home enables a homeowner to have control over portions of their home from miles away. As the technology because more affordable and easier to use, the demand is increasing. Here are 3 new gadgets for your home!

  1. A programmable thermostat. Though these have been around for a number of years, the new advances in technology have made them better than ever. If used properly, homeowners can decrease their heating and cooling bills by a substantial amount through this technology.
  2. A smart smoke detector. In comparison to the typical smoke detectors you see in people’s homes, a smart smoke detector has new features. It is able to give specific information on the problem: the location and its severity. Not only providing an alert when there is smoke, many smart smoke detectors also alert the homeowner when carbon monoxide levels are high. The detector alarms you when you are inside the house and away from the home through your cell phone.
  3. Smart appliances. Entertainment gadgets have, for the most part, already advanced to being “smart”. Other home appliances are on their way! Now, you can find washers, dryers, and grills capable of being connected to cell phones. An alarm on your phone will go off when the chicken is cooked, the washer has finished its last cycle, or the clothes are dry.

Technological features have different benefits. Some are going to make your life easier. Others are going to help you save money while some are going to increase your feelings of safety. Join homebuyers across the world in adding smart features to your home!

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