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3 Housing Trends that Won’t Help Your Home Sell

Working on staging your home to sell it? Decorating your home with the most recent interior design trends is not going to help you in the process. Though the magazines and TV shows do present some exciting, popular suggestions, most buyers are not searching for the trends. A buyer wants a home that they can picture themselves living in. To do this, any individual touches to the home have to be removed. Here are three common design trends and why they are not a good idea.

3 Housing Trends That Won’t Help Your Home Sell

  1. Pet merchandise. Products purchased for pets are on the rise. In comparison to last year, the amount of money spent on pet items this year is predicted to have increased by almost 3 billion dollars. The market for pet products has been increasing greatly, including luxury pet merchandise. No matter the fact that more people are buying items for their pets, homebuyers do not want to see those items in their potential home. With pet products comes the idea that the home is dirty. No one looking to buy a home wants to imagine the amount of pet remnants still left in the house.
  2. Extravagant landscape. Outdoor living spaces are on the rise. More people continue to invest in their landscape, creating luscious gardens with elegant dining areas. The problem with a beautiful garden when you are trying to sell your home is that the buyer has to be prepared to invest in the maintenance of the garden. Having a small, neat outdoor area is more appealing as it can be maintained with minimal time and money.
  3. Shag carpeting. Shag carpets are soft and padded, making them feel great under your feet. The level of comfort found on a shag carpet is its greatest benefit. The problem with shag carpets is that their soft texture leads to them collecting more dust and dirt. When a new buyer sees a shag carpet, they know they have three choices: leave the carpet as is, steam clean it, or remove it. None of these options are very appealing. Hardwood floors are the best way to go because they are easy to clean and the buyer can keep the wood or chose to purchase carpet for themselves.

There are dozens of trending designs that you should be weary of. Do the right research to make sure your home is ready to be sold.

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