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3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Dark homes dampen moods. Going from being outside, enjoying sunny San Diego, to entering a home that does not have good lighting can be dreaded and dreary. Here are 3 ways to brighten up your home:

  1. Change your décor. Any dark materials you have in the home are going to be absorbing the light. For example: dark wooded furniture, dark tiled floor, or dark painted trim will absorb the light in the home, decreasing the brightness and making the home feel small. Light features are going to reflect the light. The lighter the materials used, the brighter and larger the home will feel. To make a room brighter, go through and change all the pieces that are dark. That may include re-upholstering the furniture, repainting the trim and walls, or refinishing the floors.
  2. Use the natural lighting. The more you use the natural light, the brighter your home will be. The light can be exposed differently in each room depending on how the windows are positioned, how you cover the windows, and opportunity for indirect lighting to enter. If you want the sun to enter in the morning, have a room with a window facing east. The room with a window facing west will have a sunny afternoon. A room with the south facing window, will be sunny all day. You will want shades, curtains, and drapes to provide you with the privacy you need, but also allow natural light to enter.
  3. Increase the artificial light. First, determine whether the light fixtures you have provide a sufficient amount of light. Change out any bulbs that have lost their brightness or no longer work. If the fixtures are not providing an adequate amount of light, then consider buying new ones. Place the lights in areas that are going to suit your needs. In some areas you may want direct light coming down from the ceiling, while other places may be better with indirect lighting.

Having good lighting is important in a home, whether you use artificial or natural light. It is going to brighten the home and lighten the moods. Use these three home improvement tips to brighten up your home!

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