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4 Tips for Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home for Senior Citizens

4 Tips for Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home for Senior CitizensBalancing a comfortable home and a safe home are key aspects of senior housing. As seniors spend more time in a home than people of other ages, it is important that homes meet their needs. Here are a few ways to ensure the best for the seniors in your life.

  1. Decrease clutter. The older you get, the more lifetime you will have had to collect items. However, clutter gives rise to clumsiness. The more objects lying around the home, the more dangerous the home is to live in. It increases the chances of a person slipping and falling. It begs for something to accidentally fall and break. Sort through the clutter, discard the necessary items, and resort and reorganize what needs to be kept.
  2. Find a new sofa. The big, soft, comfy, cushy sofa you think is ideal to take Sunday afternoon naps may not be ideal for seniors. It causes frustration and feelings of powerlessness for those living with poor mobility. Firm cushions that do not lean back too far make it easier for seniors to sit and rise.
  3. Maintain the carpet. The older the carpet, the more dangerous it is for seniors. An uneven surface can lead to a person tripping. With vision that may be failing, seniors have a hard time recognizing the areas that are worn out, potentially bunching or creased sections of carpet. Shag carpets are the least senior friendly as they may catch a person’s toe.
  4. Have good lighting. It takes more time for a senior’s eyes to focus than it does for a younger individual. Lights that are brighter help. The best lights are those that are ceiling-mounted and spotlights. On the ceiling, there is no concern of the wires being tripped over. With spotlights, the areas that need to have focused light will have it. For example, a light can be positioned above the reading chair.

These changes are easy to make and will affect a senior greatly. Take care of the seniors in your life now as one day you will find yourself in the same position, hoping someone takes care of you in your time of need.

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