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4 Tips to Store Your Belongings

When you have a small house, it can be difficult trying to store your belongings in the home without making your house feel cluttered. Ideally, we would all have large closets, big cabinets, and a basement and an attic to be able to store all of our stuff. In reality, the majority of us do not have all the space we want. The good news is that even though you may not have all the space you want, there are a few do-it-yourself projects that can give you more storage in the space that you do have.

  1. Insert more shelves.

    Take a look in the cabinets and shelving units in your kitchen and bathroom- are you maximizing the space? If there is extra room, squeeze in extra shelving and you could double the amount of belongings you store in that cabinet. Inserting tiered shelves and slim baskets will help to break the large storage space up into smaller areas that you can use.

  2. Exchange the pantry and laundry room doors.

    Shutter doors are not only cute and vintage looking; they also provide you with the ability to hang items on the inside that are out of sight. You can hang a rack, clothes hangers, and much more to free up other areas in the room.

  3. Use the area under cabinets.

    Cabinets can leave an awkward space between the cabinet and the countertop. Try finding smaller storage units to go under those cabinets. There are units that specialize in storing wine glasses, coffee mugs, spice containers, jars, and much more.

  4. Find the narrow walls.

    Look in the bathroom and kitchen, find the walls that are unused and out of the way, but are too small for decorations. Those are the spaces you should be using for storing. A common space to use is the narrow wall next to the bathroom sink. By adding a shelf on the wall, you will take away some of the clutter found in the rest of your shelves and countertops.

If you complete these simple and cheap home renovations, your house will feel more spacious. Homes that are cluttered and unorganized add stress. Do what you can to free up your life!

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