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5 Best Bathroom Features

5 Best Bathroom FeaturesNo matter your age, stage in life or career, there are certain bathroom features that are made for all people. These bathroom design trends increase mobility, are easy to utilize, and enable independent living. Whether you are renovating a home or purchasing a home, look for including the following features:

  1. Wide doors. A standard door has an average 32-inch width. A 36-inch width will enable those using a wheel chair or crutches to easily go in and out. Enable your family members using crutches or a wheel chair to access the bathroom comfortably. It will cost approximately $25 more per door and anywhere from $100 to $500 if you need to change a door already built.
  2. Shower and bathtub bars. In preparation for needing a shower or bathtub bar, include plywood that has been pressure-treated on the frame of the shower or bathtub. That way, once you want to install grab bars, you can put them anywhere on the wall. Grab bars are beneficial for children, teens, adults, and senior citizens as accidents and clumsiness are not age specific. Installing and purchasing plywood will cost approximately $250. The grab bars range from $50 to $300.
  3. Shower benches. They are comfortable, making it easy to relax and they decrease the chance of slipping. If you have an acrylic shower, adding a bench will not cost more. In a tiled shower, adding the bench will cost approximately $200 more. Including a shower seat that is not built in to the wall can cost anywhere from $100 to $500.
  4. Shower heads that are hand-held. Without a hand-held shower head, a person sitting down will have the water raining down on their faces. A hand-held shower head enables the person to choose where the water is hitting. They are also convenient for washing the shower or bathtub. Most have a variety of settings depending on whether you are shaving, washing your body, or washing your hair, helping you save and not waste the water. Hand-held shower heads cost the same amount as shower heads that are mounted in the wall.
  5. Lever-style handles. Consider changing the handles of your doors and sinks to a lever-style. They are helpful for children and for those who may have limited ability in their hands, preventing them from having to use the twisting knobs and handles. The prices for lever-style handles are similar to the twisting style of handles.

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