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5 Home Staging Ideas

Dress your home to sell your home. These five home staging ideas are going to help your home stand out among a list of other homes for sale.

  1. Outdoor space. Across the U.S., people are paying more attention to homes that have outdoor features on the deck and in the yard. The homes that are selling the best include a dining area, fireplace, grill, and garden with water elements.
  2. Lifestyle rooms. Rather than having generic rooms that can be used for all purposes, it is a current trend to have rooms designed for specific purposes. Research the hobbies and interests of your neighborhood and make a room to fit that purpose. For example, if the area is filled with children, create a fun, bright colored game room.
  3. Paint the cabinets. Painting your cabinets is an easy, cheap method to make the kitchen or bathroom more attractive. Painting the cabinets white will modernize the wood and brighten the area. Changing out the knobs will add to the new look. Paying to have a professional paint your cabinets is much cheaper than paying to have the bathroom or kitchen remodeled.
  4. Additional color. In a survey of 1,450 homeowners, Sherwin-William’s 2014 National Home Design discovered that two thirds of homeowners desire additional color in their home. Accenting a room with colored pillows or candles will add more color and are easy to swap. Navy blue is having a comeback as a great accent color.
  5. Include lamps. People like mood lighting. Depending on the type of lamp selected, a specific ambiance can be created. It changes how a space looks and feels. An iron lamp will give a more modern look, while rustic lamps create more warmth.

These staging tips are designed to meet the needs of potential buyers. They will help create a house that a buyer will want to live in and make their home.

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