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5 Luxury Home Renovations Homeowners Love to Buy But Not Use

The majority of us, at some point in our lives, have looked through pictures of luxury homes. It’s fun to dream! We may never own a luxury home, but one way to make our own home feel more luxurious is through home renovations. If you can’t afford to have an entire home luxurious, why not pay for what you can have: a luxurious bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. And if you can’t afford that, why not just add one small item of luxury: a whirlpool, gym, or entertainment system. As you consider which luxurious features you would like to include in your home, make sure that the features you include are going to add value to your home. Not all luxurious items are going to be practical or worth the expense. Here are 5 luxury home renovations that homeowners love to buy but do not use:

  1. A luxurious stove. In a survey done last year by, it was discovered that the luxurious feature most desired among homeowners was a chef’s kitchen. Part of making a chef’s kitchen come true includes having a luxurious stove. The problem: unless you are on your way to becoming a chef or intend to have a large crowd of people over on a regular basis, the reality is that the majority of homeowners are not going to be using a luxurious stove for all of its worth. To buy a stove of high caliber costs around $8,000. For $2,000, you can buy a stove that is of high quality and proficient for a typical homeowners everyday use.
  2. A whirlpool equipped with jets. As the weather gets a little cooler and your job becomes more stressful, the idea of coming home to a whirlpool with jets sounds fantastic. What could go wrong? You have warm water, jets to give you a massage, and a large space to sprawl out. Unfortunately, what whirlpool salesmen don’t tell you is that whirlpool jets have a tendency to be a comfortable space for bacteria to grow rampant.
  3. A gym at home. Everyone dreams of having a better body. Having a gym at home seems like the most logical way to make that happen. It makes the gym more accessible than ever, hopefully removing some of the excuses you have used to not work out: the gym is too far or too expensive. However, the reality is that more people are motivated when they have others working out around them or a trainer to keep them on task. Though it may seem like a gym at home is going to be the key to giving you a better body, becoming a member at a gym may help you stay more focused and motivated. Don’t go spending the money for a gym at home unless you prefer working out alone and are a highly motivated individual. Otherwise, the cost of all of the expensive workout equipment may not be worth it.
  4. A sitting section in your walk-in closet. Don’t know what to wear? Why don’t you take a seat on the nice comfortable sofa as you look through all your clothes? It’s a dream come true, until you realize that you don’t have time to sit down and gaze through your clothing or prefer sitting elsewhere to think through your clothing. Rather than using the space you have for a sitting section in a walk-in closet, consider either making a space with more storage or making the master bedroom larger.
  5. An outdoor hot tub. For those living further north, where temperatures drop lower, an outdoor hot tub is enticing. However, most people think they are going to use a hot tub much more often than they actually do. The majority of outdoor hot tub owners only use their hot tub a couple of times each year. Unless you plan on using a hot tub on a very regular basis, there are other ways you could invest your money that you would enjoy more frequently.

Each person is going to have preferences and lifestyle differences. Though these are typical luxurious items that people buy but don’t use, you could be one of the people that uses the item well. As you think through what luxury items you want to include in your home, be sure to consider the frequency you plan on using each item. If you are only going to use that item a few times a year, you may be better off investing in a different luxurious item. The luxurious items that are currently worth investing in include: floor to ceiling windows and high quality countertops made of granite. The windows are going to show off the view and bring in natural light. At the same time, the quality countertops are going to increase the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen and be a durable surface to prepare food on. Look to add luxurious items that are going to increase the value of your home!

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