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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a House

Buying a house is a big deal. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of house hunting without remembering to get the information you need. Before you lay down your offer on the house you have your eyes on, you’ll want to consider these 5 questions to be ahead of the game:  

How old is the roof?

It’s important to know the approximate age of the roof so you know when it will be time to replace or repair it. If the house you are considering is in need of a new roof, negotiate with the owner to see if they can cover the cost. They could even lower the asking price so that there is room in your budget for a new one. If that is not an option, consider splitting the price of the new roof between you and the owner. Keep in mind, a new roof is often a costly investment with an average cost of $7,600.

Is renting or buying a better option?  

Before you even begin house hunting, consider what is the best option for you regarding owning or renting. If you need time to save more money, renting may be the option for you. Also, consider the area of the house. House hunt in a neighborhood that fits your budget. You may not be in a good financial position to buy a house yet, so you may need extra time until you are able to improve your credit score.

What pest inspections have been done?  

Before thinking about moving in, the previous owner should have disclosed what issues and inspections have been done so you can determine what other inspections are still needed. When viewing the house, look around in cabinets and wooden areas to see if there are any hidden pests. If the house had previous infestation issues, you will want to make sure the infestations are completely gone so you will not have to deal with them yourself. Termites, for instance, can be a neighborhood issue because the little bugs spread easily, so ask if there have been any signs of them at neighboring houses. If there are any pests, ask the owners to hire exterminators before you plan on moving in.

Is the house too outdated?

If you’re looking at a house that is a steal of a deal, it most likely will not be up to date in renovations. That could be the same for newer houses as well. Even if the house has older features, you could find potential in a window with an amazing view or beautiful hardwood flooring. Consider this a time to express creativity and do some DIY projects. Take the renovations one room at a time, but keep in mind that these renovations are often quite timely. If this is a house you are in love with, don’t let the outdated features hinder your decision.

What is the neighborhood like?

Whether you have kids or not, the neighborhood is important to consider. It’s important to know the value of the houses in that area. Each area in a city has its own price value depending upon the specific location. You should also consider what it would be like to sell your house in the future. Future buyers will want a safe neighborhood and good school district if they have children. For your benefit at the moment and in the future, pay attention to the area’s housing market too.

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