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5 Easy Tips For Getting Your House Appraisal Ready

The real estate market is more competitive than ever, especially in a community like San Diego. Everyone wants to get the most money from selling their homes, and while cleaning and organizing help your house seem more desirable it won’t always get you the best result. Here are some easy tips and tricks to get your house appraisal ready and to get the most money out of your home!

5 Easy Tips for Getting Your House Appraisal Ready

  1. Organize and Declutter – Spring cleaning may come a little early this year if you’re looking to have your home appraised. Organize your entryway, put the clothes away in their closets and donate or throw away things that don’t have room in your house anymore. Remove any clutter that is laying around your house, meaning no stray items of clothing should be laying around. Having your things organized may even make your closets look bigger and give the impression that your house is bigger than it actually is.
  2. It’s Not Always What on The Inside That Counts – Yes we said it, the appearance of your lawn, garden and backyard does matter when getting your home appraised! Make sure your lawn is mowed, plant some new flowers and hire a pro to tend to your garden. Remove any spider webs or signs San Diego Luxury House Appraisalinsects and clean up any debris. If you have patio or outdoor furniture, spruce it up by buying new pillows or cushions. The outer condition and landscaping of your home do matter, so make sure it looks as taken care of as possible.
  3. Replace Old Items – If you were going to get new carpets, or replace any appliances, now is the time to do so! Believe it or not, replacing small things like toilet seat and shower curtains could make a small difference in the final appraisal of your house. Appraisers want to see that all appliances and mechanics of the house are working properly and aren’t ready to fall apart anytime soon.
  4. Nothing Like a New Coat of Paint – Freshen up your entry door and mailbox with a new coat of paint. Furthermore, if your kitchen cupboards look outdated and old, give them a touch up, or a new color altogether. Little paint touch ups here and there can make a big difference in how your home is perceived. Just remember, when painting your home, keep the colors light and modern. You may love your deep red kitchen walls, but they may be a turnoff to any potential buyer.
  5. Open The Layout of Your House – A home should feel open and “flow” from one room to the next. If your living room is packed with furniture that guests are constantly having to maneuver around, it’s time to open things up a bit. While we’re not saying you have to dump your couch and coffee table, make sure there is plenty of spacing so that no one is ever stepping over something or doing a highwire act to get from room to room.

Every penny counts in today’s real estate market and you want to get the most out of your home! Before having your home appraised for sale, consult a licensed real estate agent at The Chunyk Group. We would be happy to walk your through the house appraisal process and make sure your home is in shape to command top dollar from any potential buyers. Contact us today.

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