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6 DIY Home Projects for the Weekend

It’s the weekend and you certainly don’t have time to start a large home renovation project, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t small projects that can’t be accomplished over a weekend. What can you do yourself that is cheap, will not take an abundant amount of time, and will improve the look of your house? Here are six great DIY Home Projects ideas for you to take on!

  1. Fix-up the dresser. Giving a fresh paint job to your dresser will make a drastic difference to the look of a room. You can change the color, making it stand out. You can create a new, classy look with the color and style of knobs you put on. Or you can create an old, vintage look through painting and then distressing the paint job.
  2. Decorate your wall. Whether through Polaroid pictures, or making a gallery of your family photos, or stencil lyrics or quotes on a canvas, there are a plethora of ideas for you to make your home more personal.
  3. Regrout the tiles. Maybe not the most fun home renovation project, but we all know that there are times when it is desperately needed. It will make the bathroom look new!
  4. Give the bookshelf a makeover. Similar to the dresser, you can repaint the bookshelf to give it a different look. You can also add wallpaper to the backing, providing the bookshelf with a new look of color and design.
  5. Decorate the magnetic board. Instead of having a plain magnetic board, add matting. Using wallpaper, you can decorate the magnetic boards as well as any magnetic cups or boxes you have attached to the board.
  6. Customize the picture frames. Using matting with a unique design behind your pictures will cause the pictures to stand out differently. You can match the matting with specific aspects of the picture to draw out certain colors.

Take your craftiness to a new level this weekend by completing a couple of these upgrades!

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