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6 Steps to Show Off Your Home

Holding an open house in your home is a great way to attract buyers. Preparing your home prior to the open house is extremely important so that it can look inviting, without appearing too lived-in.


Here are some helpful steps to take to prepare to show your home to potential buyers:


Step 1: Clear the Space.  

It makes it hard for buyers to envision their belongings in the available space when there is too much clutter. Having a lot of decorations on shelves, appliances on counters, an excessive amount of furniture can be distracting. A great way to remedy this situation is by start packing. You can move certain items that you do not need short term into a storage unit until your ready to move into your new home.


Step 2: Clean, Clean, Clean. 

It’s a great idea to hire a cleaning service before your open house. Buyers would not want to move into an unclean house. You may also want to shampoo your carpets and clean your pets to get rid of unwanted smells.


Step 4: Fix It Up. 

Many buyers would notice the small imperfections of your home that need to be fixed. It’s a good idea to make sure you replace burned-out light bulbs, leaking sinks, cracked windows, and any other minor repairs. They wouldn’t want to move into a home that requires extra maintenance.


Step 5: Set The Table.

Bring out your finest china and nicest napkins to make your table look appealing to the eye. By setting up your table, you will allow the buyer to get an idea of how it would feel to have guests over for dinner.


Step 6:  Landscape. 

You should do some landscaping tasks to enhance the appeal of the outside of your house. You can make a much better impression by mowing your lawn and painting your front door.


These steps will make your house appear more inviting and appealing to potential buyers. You will make a great first impression by implementing these tips before your open house.

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