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6 Tips to Choosing Paint Colors

Redecorating your home provides you with the ability to personalize your home and make it fit you and your family. The options and possibilities are endless. Choosing the right paint colors is one of the first steps, but it can also be an overwhelming decision. Here are a couple tips to help you in choosing paint colors that will look good but will also fit you.

  1. Match your favorite piece. If you have a large patterned item that is essential to your home, whether it’s artwork, furniture, or a rug, you will want to use that in choosing the color scheme. Pick colors from the pattern in order to draw out that object. If you want a neutral color, the whites and beiges found in the pattern should be used as a paint color.
  2. Begin with the more formal rooms. You should choose the colors for the rooms that are used to accommodate guests first. Rooms like the entryway, dining room, and living room. Then your other rooms can be based off of some of the colors found in these main rooms.
  3. Shade vertically. The ceilings of each room should be the lightest shade of color. Then, as you go down, the colors should become darker. Moving from the ceiling to the walls then to the floor, where the floor is the darkest.
  4. Know the colors you look good in. Similarly to how you buy clothing that matches your skin tone, hair color, and eye color, paint and decorate a home to match you.
  5. Find color schemes from the color wheel. If you are looking for colors that are going to make a room more upbeat and formal, have colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. For example, have light pink walls with green upholstery. If you want an informal, relaxing setting use colors from the color wheel that are next to one another like blue and green.
  6. Divide the rooms by 60, 30, and 10. Sixty percent of the room should be one main color, primarily found on the walls. The thirty percent should be the second color, generally used for the furniture. Then the ten percent will be your accent color for the decorations.

With endless possibilities, these tips will hopefully help you narrow down all of your home decoration ideas to a more concrete plan.

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