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7 Tips And Tricks To Minimize Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning is not for the faint of heart. Throughout the year, most homeowners clean their home on a regular basis. But the spring is when the home cleaning takes on a new level. Spring cleaning is the practice of cleaning a home from top to bottom when the season changes from the winter to the spring. Maintaining a habit of cleaning a home on a regular basis is very important. However, in order to maintain an even cleaner home, conducting a spring cleaning is also important.

When it comes to cleaning a home on a regular basis, people typically clean the same areas over and over again. In a spring cleaning, every inch of the home is cleaned, including the areas that are cleaned regularly and the areas that have not been cleaned since the previous year. The areas that are forgotten about will have collected dirt, grime, and dust over the year. This causes these spaces to be harder to clean. In order to help you through the process, here are 7 tips and tricks to minimize spring cleaning.

  1. Prepare a quick clean kit.

    Spring cleaning is going to be easier if you are able to keep up with your cleaning through out the year. The less you clean throughout the year, the more build up there will be of cob webs, dust, grime, bacteria, and mold. The less you clean throughout the year, the harder your spring cleaning is going to be. Preparing a quick clean kit is going to help you attack your cleaning more easily. Have a box filled with a few cleaning pads, dry sweeper cloths, and some cleaning spray. When small spills happen or you see a dust bunny around the house, do something about it.

    When it is time for spring cleaning, consider placing the materials from your kit into an apron. Having all of the cleaning supplies on you as you go up and down the stairs, from room to room, is going to be easier than having to carry it individually or in a bucket or box.

  2. Change the levels of humidity in your home.

    A high level of humidity increases the level of static electricity. The more static electricity there is, the more dust you are going to find in your home. Static electricity draws in dust and causes it to stay. Not only is a homeowner going to be reducing the amount of dust through changing the humidity levels, he or she will also decrease the chances of having dust mites in the home. Dust mites are attracted to areas with high levels of humidity. One of the major problems with having dust mites in a home is that the substances dust mites give off cause allergic and asthmatic reactions. If a person is seeking to keep a home with low levels of dust and dust mites, he or she needs to keep the homes humidity levels below 50%.

    If you are unsure of the humidity levels of your home, the purchase of a hygrometer will solve your problem. They can be purchased from around $5 to $45. Place the hygrometer in your living room to have the best results. The bathroom and kitchen could cause mixed results due to the humidity that comes from using the stove and shower. If a homeowner discovers that their home humidity levels are above 50%, they should consider using a dehumidifier or air conditioner to maintain a lower level.

    In San Diego, the typical level of humidity is above 50%. Meaning that San Diego residents are going to need to be more careful about the humidity levels found in their homes.

  3. Change out your light bulbs.

    Light bulbs with a low-wattage are going to make your house look darker. Darker homes are going to cause a home to look less clean in addition to making it more difficult to see the dirt that is in the house. Without being able to see the dirt, the motivation to clean lessens. If you want to give your house a fresher, cleaner look, switch out your lightbulbs. A higher wattage that provides the home with a “daylight” appearance is going to brighten and freshen the home.

    San Diego is a great area to take advantage of the natural sunlight available. If the idea of using artificial light to help your house stay cleaner is not enticing, consider renovating your house to be able to make better use of the natural sunlight available.

  4. Shut the doors.

    If you get yourself in the habit of closing all doors throughout the year, the rest of the home is going to be cleaner. First, you need to start with the front door. A majority of the dust that enters a home comes through the front door. By being cautious of how long you keep it open, you could minimize the amount of dust entering your house. This is especially important for those who have screen doors. Though screen doors allow the breeze from outside to enter, they also allow the dust to come in.

    Second, keep the doors on drawers and cabinets shut. As dust is roaming around the house, it is going to enter the kitchen shelves, bathroom cupboards, and bedroom dressers if you leave the doors open. By shutting the doors of these furniture appliances, you will be reducing the amount of cleaning you will have to do in those areas. It will also keep the items you have stored in those appliances more clean.

  5. Use a rain-repellant to keep your shower doors clean.

    Shower doors have to be cleaned on a regular basis. Soap scum and water deposits build on the shower doors at a rapid pace. Removing the film that eventually covers the doors is not easy. In order to prevent you from having a tough job trying to remove the film that develops on your doors, covering your glass shower doors with a rain-repellant is going to help your case. The rain-repellant prevents soap scum and water deposits from staying on your shower doors by providing a barrier that enables the substances to slide off. Rain-repellant can be found at an auto shop. It should only be used on window doors that are made of glass. When the soap scum and water deposits begin to build again, it is time for you to re-coat the shower doors.

    If your shower doors are not made out of glass, there are other solutions. An automatic shower cleaner has proven to be helpful in preventing soap scum and water deposits. Look for an automatic cleaner that is also going to help you fight off any mold growing within your shower. The automatic cleanser will spray the shower with a liquid substance designed to help keep your clean and free of unwanted substances.

  6. Apply a sealer to your countertops.

    Countertops that are made of granite, marble, and other stone materials are a popular choice for homes. Natural stones provide a sturdy countertop that is also aesthetically pleasing. One problem with stone countertops is that depending on the material used the stone may absorb liquids and stain. In order to avoid having to try to deep clean the stains, applying a sealer will keep the liquids from being absorbed in the countertops.

    Before applying a sealer, it is important to make sure that the material that your countertop is made of is in need of a sealer. To check this, pour some water on top of your countertop and leave it there for around 15 minutes. If the water is absorbed by the countertop over time, then you should seal it. However, if the water is not absorbed, then your countertop was either sealed recently or is made of a material that does not need sealing. When sealing your countertop, be sure to use a sealer that is going to match the material that your countertop is made of. A homeowner is going to have to seal their countertop approximately every six months.

  7. Use a spray to protect your furniture.

    It is common for all homeowners to experience the devastation of having a piece of furniture ruined because of a spill. Whether a glass of wine was spilled on the sofa or an open bottle of ketchup dropped on the carpet, trying to clean up after such spills is a horror. There are all sorts of tips and tricks available claiming to be the best method to clean up after the spills. Do you use cold water or hot water? Soap or vinegar? Clean right away or wait till it dries? There is not one solution that has been determined to fix all spill problems.

    Rather than concentrating on what to do after the spill, here is some advice on how to prevent the spills and stains from occurring. Using a spray to protect the fabric decreases the chances that the piece of furniture will be stained. A homeowner should use different sprays depending on the furniture they desire to protect. For a carpet, a sealant should be used. For upholstery, use a fabric spray. Rather than having the food or drink absorb into the piece of furniture, these sprays will keep the substance from being absorbed. Generally, new sealants and fabric sprays should be reapplied every year. Once you have your spring cleaning underway, this is a great time to apply these sprays.

If you complete these 7 steps before it comes time for you to do your spring cleaning, your spring cleaning is going to be much easier. The less you keep up with cleaning your house through out the year, the less fun and more work you are going to have to put in to make your house spotless during spring cleaning. No matter how frequently you do clean your home, a spring cleaning is important to find all of the nooks and crannies that are in need of some attention. A fresh, clean house is good for everyone.

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