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7 Tips for Gardening in a Tight Space

A small yard should not keep you from enjoying a garden. Though your dream garden may not be able to come to fruition, there are other ways you can make a small space beautiful. There is the possibility of planting fruit trees, different types of vegetables, flowers, trees, and even shrubs. Here are seven tips for gardening in a tight space:

  1. Citrus tress. There are dwarf sizes that will fit nicely in the small space you have available. Many can be potted trees. They will add a flash of color, a good smell, and an edible fruit.
  2. Plant chiles. All it takes is a dried chile. Once broken apart, the seeds are released and can be planted. They are an easy plant to keep inside, though they need sunlight.
  3. Think vertically. Rather than planting all of your flowers on the same level, add shelving and different sizes of pots to give the area a new dimension. It will allow you to add more without it looking crammed.
  4. Use windowsills. By setting up a hanging basket or planting a window box, you can create a garden without having a plot of land available. These areas can be used to plant flowers or different types of fruit.
  5. Group pots. Rather than having each pot stand on their own, put the pots together. It is visually appealing to have groups of plants in the same area.
  6. Group plants. Similarly to grouping the pots, group plants together in the same pot. It will add different colors and textures side by side, accenting different parts of the plant.
  7. Pick the right shrub. You do not want a large, fast growing shrub in a small space. You need something that will retain a compact shape. Make sure to ask questions before just buying the best looking shrub out there.

Do not let your green thumb go to waste simply because you do not have the space you thought you would have. Use these simple tips to bring the greenery back into your life.

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