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7 Ways To Secure Your Home For An Open House

Open houses are designed to provide an opportunity for people to come check out a home for sale. They are open to the public and a free affair. The home seller hopes that through opening their home up to the public, they will generate more interest in their home. A home seller wants the home to be open to the public, as they want to as many people as possible to see the home. The more people that see it, the more likely they are to have someone buy it. But the unfortunate reality of having so many people come through the home, is that it is hard to control who those people are. Though you want people to be coming to your house to potentially buy it, people could actually be coming to see what they could steal from it. In order to be sure that you are not putting yourself in an unsafe position through an open house, consider following these 7 ways to secure your home for an open house.

  1. Hide the medication. Whether you store your medication in a cabinet in the kitchen or on a shelf in the bathroom, it is important to pack up your drugs and store them away. Without being able to control who comes to your home, you need to be prepared for all sorts. You do not want to be responsible for an addict, an innocent child, or an interested teenager using drug at your home. Put them in a place that no visitors will be able to find.
  2. Store your remotes and keys safely. Go through your house and find your keys and remotes. It is easy to forget about the extra garage remote you have stored in the garage and the extra set of keys you have hanging in your entrance. If you do not take the time to find these extra sets, you risk having someone else find them. These individuals would then have the freedom to come back later and enter your home easily. You will want to keep the keys and remote on you or store them in a locked storage space that cannot be easily broken into.
  3. Have more eyes looking. When you have an open house, it can be hard to know how many people are going to come. If only one couple comes, it will be easier to ensure that no security is breached. However, if 15 different individuals show up, how are you going to be able to keep track of all of them? The more people you have keeping watch, the better. Typically a realtor is going to be showing your home. You should suggest having that realtor bring a couple associates to help him or her keep track of the customers coming through the home. If that is not possible, consider installing cameras that will enable you to keep track of your valuables.
  4. Store your important documents. Go through your documents and pull out anything that is important. This should include items such as: your passport, medical papers, financial documents, marriage certificates, and social security cards. If there are documents that could do some serious damage if they fell into the wrong hands, grab those and store them. Similar to your extra keys and remotes, make sure to store them in something that can be locked and not easily stolen.
  5. Notify your neighbors. If you trust your neighbors, ask them to also keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. If there are times where you are unsure of the prospective homebuyer, quickly send your neighbor a text. Inform them that there is a person checking out your home that you are uncertain about. Tell them to check on you if you do not get back in touch with them in a timely manner. It never hurts to be extra cautious.
  6. Have people sign in. Instead of allowing people free reign to your house during an open house, have everyone sign in before coming in. By having information like their name and license plate number, you will have information to fall back on if a problem does come about. You will be preventing having something stolen from you, then having no idea who came through your house.
  7. Check the windows and doors. Anytime that you have an open house, you need to be sure to lock all of the windows and doors afterwards. Even if the door or window was locked before you had the open house, or is never used, you will want to make sure it is locked. There are cases where people coming to look at the homes then unlock the doors and windows to sneak in at a later time.

An open house can be a great opportunity to show case your home to prospective homebuyers. But it can also be a time that comes with some risk. By competing these seven extra security steps, you are on your way to making your open house a positive experience where you will not have to worry about what will go wrong, but can focus on what could go right!

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