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8 Ways To Increase The Use Of Your Outdoor Space

People love the idea of outdoor space. Homeowners want to be people who enjoy nature and the environment. The problem is, as much as we want to be that type of homeowner, it does not mean we always are. California has a distinct advantage over other states with its good weather all year long that allows for more people to have an outdoor lifestyle. But with generations of families growing up engaged in technology, more people are now choosing to enjoy the indoors. In a time where the younger generations are becoming more and more obsessive with technology, what can parents do to help keep their children enjoying the outdoors? Whether the parents are homeowners or renting a home, it is important to make the outdoor space of a home as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Here are 8 ways to increase the use of your outdoor space.

  1. Increase the comfortableness of the furniture. If people are choosing to enjoy sitting inside rather than outside on a day with great weather, then there is probably something that is being provided on the inside that is missing on the outside. Take a look at your outdoor living space and make sure that the furniture is as relaxing and comfortable as the indoor furniture. The good news is that making a space comfortable does not need to be overly expensive. You can add blankets, pillows, and carpets to increase your family’s comfort. People are not going to want to sit on couches that have no cushions, leave an indent on their legs, or cause extra sweat.
  2. Give yourself some privacy. No one wants to go to enjoy their outdoor space only to find out that their neighbors are going to be able to watch them enjoy their space. Make sure that you construct your outdoor space in such a way that the people in your home are going to be able to have privacy. Through including taller plants like bamboos or bushes, you can create a natural hedge around the space. Other methods include building up an actual fence or using screens.
  3. Bring the electronics outside. With generations of people that love technology, you might as well make it easier for them to love the technology outside too! Methods to do this include having electronic equipment located in the outdoor space. People are going to need plugs and wifi, along with speakers and a TV. If you start with the wifi and plugs, you are on your way to making the space easier for people to enjoy. A TV and speakers are just going to increase that even more. You will need to be sure to buy equipment that is more durable than the average electronics used indoors.
  4. Unite the indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is one of the most important changes that you can make to increase how often your outdoor space is used. The easiest method to bring the spaces together is through replacing your current door with a door that is made of glass. If you have more money to spend, the next step would be to make sure that the door that is between the indoor and outdoor spaces is a large, double door made of glass. A third method to unite the spaces is to have the same flooring that is in the room adjoining the outdoor space inside the outdoor space. The flooring must be waterproof. By doing this, your will make the outdoor and indoor space feel like they belong together.
  5. Increase your lighting. Just like it is important to have good lighting inside your house, it is also important to have lighting on the outside. During the day, the sunlight is going to provide all of the lighting that is needed. But at night, having outdoor lighting is going to increase how safe people feel and how long people can use the space. Ways to improve the lighting outside include:
    • Light the living space. Have lights that go around the outdoor living space and/or are centered in the space. Depending on how you want to decorate, this could include having a chandelier type piece or wall lights and sconces. Lights are going to make anything you want to do outside easier: socializing, eating, reading, etc.
    • Highlight areas. By hanging lights on trees or specific parts of the architecture, you will draw attention to and beautify your home.
    • Light the pathways. You want to enable people to be able to walk around the garden without having to worry about tripping or running into something. A highlighted walkway provides people with the necessary safety to venture out on a walk.
    • Hang string lights. String lighting around the home and in the garden provide a different atmosphere to a property. By hanging lights around the outdoor living space, it will make the living space a masterpiece.
  6. Let it reflect you. The outdoor space should reflect your unique style and ambiance. If it does not reflect you and your family, then it is not going to be a space that you feel the most comfortable in. If you like bright colors, then have furniture and lighting that is bright. If you like to cook, buy cooking supplies for your outdoor space. If you like to sit on the floor, have seating that enables that. The options for an outdoor living space are endless, but the options that you and your family are going to enjoy are not endless. Pick the items that you will love and make it home for you. Adding fun elements to your outdoor space is going to make it more inviting.
  7. Fix the excuses. If you and your family have a particular excuse that you continually use as to why you do not want to be outside, try to do something to fix that excuse. If it is too hot, not comfortable enough, there are no toys, it’s unsafe for children, or the dog has no way to get out, make the changes necessary. Include a fan, change the furniture, build a play set, increase safety measures, and build in a doggie door. What makes a person uncomfortable about a particular space either has to be accepted or has to be changed.
  8. Prepare the space for nature’s effects. Any outdoor living space is going to have to be prepared for a rougher environment than what is needed on the inside of a home. Outdoor spaces are going to have to face rain, heat, wind, humidity, moisture, insects, and dirt at a more intense level. The material used to make the outdoor space is crucial. In addition, there are items that can be added to help your outdoor living space endure nature’s effects  For rain and sun, an awning and canopy can protect. Windscreens can be used to protect from wind and provide more privacy. You can also consider screening in the entire outdoor living space. This is the best method to protect from insects and dirt. If the flooring of your outdoor living space is made of wooden slates, you may want to consider stapling a screen to the bottom of the wood in order to prevent insects from coming in from the flooring.

By completing these steps, you are going to increase the likelihood of people enjoying the outdoor space. Studies indicate that the more time outside individuals spend, the more content and healthy they are. By completing these steps, not only are you increasing the value of your home, you are providing your family with an enjoyable place to spend time together.

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