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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard Space

With constant home updates, it’s easy to forget about adding to life to your backyard space. Following trends in backyard design will make your home a hot commodity for you and your family as well as for future potential buyers. Read these ways to update your backyard and decide what is right for you and your home, then enjoy it!

Fix Up The Flooring


Pave the way with pavers. It’s less costly than a slab of concrete and will give your backyard a comfortable elegance. A tasteful pattern will liven up any outdoor space. Pavers also significantly increase your home’s value while providing stable flooring your patio.

You can even give clay pavers to give your patio a classic, rustic look. Clay is heavy so you’ll need a stable foundation to keep your clay looking timeless. Clay is great for Latin style homes and goes well with grass and pool areas.


Stone will give a beautiful, natural look to your backyard space. If you have a lot of vegetation or forestry around your home then the stone will complement it perfectly. This process involves a more intense installation process with heavy machinery but will last for decades.


If you’re looking for a classic look then wood flooring may be the way to go for your patio. Pair your wood flooring with grey/black furniture for a rich, urban look.

Light Fixtures


Lanterns and outdoor chandeliers will provide your space with class and elegance. Finding the perfect chandelier or lanterns may take some time but make sure to choose ones that coordinate with your design theme as they will serve as a centerpiece to your patio.

Hanging Lights

String lights are gorgeous at night, giving your backyard a starry-like ambiance. They’re great for evening get-togethers and dinner parties. Pair lighting with relaxed, decadent patio furniture and rest them on wooden beams for the full effect.


Your furniture should be a reflection of your plans for your backyard space. Are you the host of evening dinner parties? Do you have a big family with younger children? Or are you simply searching for a place to relax with a good book? If hosting is a top priority, then long tables under hanging lights will serve you and your guests well. For families and small children, try introducing some comfortable couches paired with a couple of fun hammocks. For smaller backyards, couple love seats placed around a coffee table will surely keep your backyard comfortable and relaxing.

Outdoor Bar/Kitchen

Building a bar or kitchen in your backyard will bring it up to speed and create a modern atmosphere, giving you somewhere fun to spend your time. They’re great for hosting backyard parties and increasing value for your space.



Pergolas wake up your patio and designate a clear ‘hang out’ zone.


Curtains are great for mornings and evenings when the sun is at an angle that makes it uncomfortable to sit on your patio. Curtains also protect your furniture from fading and can keep effectively keep out pests.


It’s amazing what one good piece of artwork can do for a living space. Decorate your outdoor space with artwork you find at the store, created yourself, and/or found at shows or markets. It will give your space more spirit while inspiring a lot of good conversation for you and your guests.

Fire Place

Nothing makes a space cozy quite like a fire. Heat up your backyard with an elegant fireplace or fire pit. It tends to bring everyone in and gives you a reason to get outdoors, view the stars, and enjoy a delicious s’more.


Get decked out! If your backyard is flat and seems bland, spice it up with a deck. Decks can improve the value of your backyard and increase your space by breaking up your yard. They give the illusion that your backyard is larger than it is and offers a comfortable sitting area.

Updating your home isn’t complete without changes to your backyard! Be sure to keep these ideas in mind and build the backyard that’s right for you.

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