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9 Green Home Myths

The advantages of a green home are fairly well known. People choose this style of home because of its primary benefit: helping the environment. However, there are misconceptions about green homes that are not always researched and understood. Here are the nine green home myths that you need to know:

  1. They are expensive.
    It depends on the home. Green houses come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges.
  2. They look strange.
    Once again, it depends on the home. In the past, many of the eco-friendly homes had a different look. Today, green homes primarily look the same as a regular home, sometimes with the additional solar panel or wind turbine.
  3. They are only for Californians.
    Due to California having strict environmental laws, it make sense that people assume green homes are only a “California thing.” This is not the case. Texas has a larger number of certified eco-friendly homes than California, and Delaware and Maryland have a larger concentration of those homes.
  4. They never use toxic materials.
    Not necessarily. Some homes will use items like spray polyurethane foam, which is a great energy saver but emits gases that are dangerous for the respiratory system.
  5. They use advanced technology for the tech-savvy.
    You don’t need to be technologically advanced to have a green home. An eco-friendly home is about energy efficiency and a healthy environment, not the technology.
  6. They only use exotic building materials.
    Used local flooring is actually preferred. New materials produce gases when made and shipped.
  7. They always have the newest appliances.
    It is not considered eco-friendly to destroy appliances that are in good condition.
  8. They are most needed in urban areas.
    In urban areas, people are able to walk to places much easier, reducing the fossil fuels. In rural and suburban homes, people have to drive everywhere, increasing the need for more eco-friendly homes.
  9. Old homes can’t become green.
    Remodeling an old home to make it green is more eco-friendly than creating a whole new home.

Busting these green home myths hopefully provided you with a better understanding of what you can do to go green. Share these points to help educate your friends and fight for the environment!

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