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A San Diego Real Estate App

When looking through your real estate app, what grabs your attention? Most real estate mobile apps have the home’s location and price dictating the search engine. Though those factors often determine whether or not a homebuyer will purchase a home, those are not the factors that will always peak someone’s interest. It is the special comforts and special features that make people excited about buying a home. Fypio, a free real estate app that stands for “Find Your Place,” was created for the homebuyers who want to have some fun while browsing through homes.

Fypio uses the homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service, but organizes them by homebuyer comforts and lifestyles.


Some homebuyers are drawn to a spiral staircase, a swimming pool, an expansive library, or a granite countertop. These features are not easily searchable in the majority of real estate apps. But through Fypio, you are able to only search for homes with that special comfort.


Homebuyers want more than just information on the home; they want to know what environment they are going to be entering into. Fypio gives the homebuyer the knowledge they need about the area they are looking to buy a home. They provide information on local schools, crime in the area, shopping facilities, level of pollution, parks, and more.

The app was launched in San Diego County. The creator, Koh, launched the app in this location because of the diversity in properties. With homes that range from a lower end of $150,000 to the higher end of more than $30 million, the cost and styles of the homes differ. Yet there are also differences found in the ages, ethnicities, and occupations of people in San Diego County.

Fypio was created to personalize the home searching process to meet you and your family’s wants and needs, no matter where you fit in on the diversity spectrum. It provides you with pictures and sharing features to make the home buying process fun and exciting. Utilize Fypio if you are looking to make the home buying process about more than just the price and location.

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