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Adding a Master Bathroom

Adding a master bathroom is exciting and scary. A master bathroom renovation is expensive, but luxurious. When looking for ideas for your new master bathroom, magazines, stores, and TV shows highlight the most expensive, newest improvements available. Though the ideas are nice, a master bathroom does not need to include all of those features. You want a master bathroom that is going to fit you, your home, and your budget. Areas to consider include:

  1. Location. Typically, the master bathroom is attached to a master bedroom. You want the bathroom to be an extension of the bedroom, having styles that complement one another. Then, you’ll want the bedroom arranged for the bathroom: having the closet and dresser near the bathroom and furniture out of the path to the bathroom.
  2. Talk to an expert. An architect will be able to provide you with the information you need. Be open with the architect about the budget you have available for the bathroom. Allow them to come up with ideas that fit within that budget. They will know what you can or cannot do in regards to plumbing and electricity. Make sure to set aside some money for any problems that may arise.
  3. Flooring. This is an important aspect of a bathroom and should not be an afterthought. If you have a larger budget or a smaller area to cover, more expensive flooring like marble or heated floors is an option. For smaller budgets, tiling is a cheaper option that allows for many styles.
  4. Fixtures. You will need to consider the size, style, and location you want for a shower or bathtub, sink, toilet, counter, and vanity. Think through how many people are going to be using the bathroom, do you need a large counter and more than one sink and vanity?
  5. Lighting. The feel of a master bathroom changes drastically when the lighting is done correctly. The more light, the larger the space will feel. Lights should be installed near or above the bathtub or shower and the vanity.

Those are the big decisions that have to be made in regards to a master bathroom. Still more exciting areas to consider are the colors, decorations, and special features that can be included. A master bathroom is an exciting and valuable renovation to a home.

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