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Advantages of Environmentally Friendly Moving Boxes

Those who are conscious of saving their environment should not be the only people packing with environmentally friendly moving boxes. The advantages of using green moving boxes goes beyond ensuring that trees are not cut down. They are cheap, durable, and easy to use.

San Diego moving boxes

When moving, most individual families and truck companies use cardboard boxes to pack their belongings. Now, San Diego companies are offering a new type of moving box that is environmentally friendly. They provide green plastic bins that can be rented. The moving company will drop them off at your home when you are ready to pack. Then, the boxes will need to be returned to the moving company once you are finished using them. If a company does not offer the green bins, the majority of companies will still allow you to use the bins during your move.

What are the benefits of these green moving boxes over the usual cardboard moving box?

1. Plastic is more durable. The green bins can hold as much weight as needed without having to worry about the bottom breaking like you would with a cardboard box. With the green bins, you can also stack them as high as you want without the fear of the boxes at the bottom being crushed because of too much weight on top of them. Lastly, you do not have to worry about the handles ripping like you would with a cardboard box.

2. The green boxes are uniformly sized. This makes it much easier for the mover as the truck can be filled to the max. The boxes stack on top and fit beside each other easily.

3. They are reusable. Rather then having cardboard boxes where you use them once and then eventually throw them out because you do not know what else to use them for, the green bins are returned to be used for another customer. They eliminate waste.

4. Green bins are cheap. To rent 25 boxes that are 2.7 cubic feet, it costs $69. If you purchase cardboard boxes that are fair quality, they can cost almost double the price at $130.

Below are 3 local San Diego companies that you can contact :

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