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America’s Top 5 Desires for a Home

We all have dreams for an ideal home. Some of us have had our ideal home dreams come true while others are still working towards that goal. The Demand Institute conducted a study on over 10,000 households. They surveyed information about people’s current homes and their dream homes. Through this study, they determined America’s top 5 desires for a home.

  1. Homes that are energy efficient. This had the greatest discrepancy between what people currently have in their homes and what they want. Seventy-one percent of the surveyors responded that energy efficiency in a home is important. This comes as no surprise as the cost for electricity in homes has increased by 56% since 2000. Only 36% of the 71% wrote that they were satisfied with the current energy efficiency of their home.
  2. Homes that are renovated. Of the surveyors, 67% wrote that they want a home that does not need to be renovated. Of these individuals, 41% were satisfied with their current homes. The improvements predicted to occur most often in the next few years are: painting, changing flooring, windows and doors as well as remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. Remodeled kitchens. In comparison to five years ago, more people are eating at home. People want their kitchens to be up to date with the right appliances. Sixty-two percent view a remodeled kitchen as important, while 38% are currently satisfied with their kitchens.
  4. The ability to stay in their home. By 2020, households that are run by people who are over the age of 65 are predicted to increase 10 times more quickly than any other household. With this comes the desire to have a home that can be lived in as one ages. Seventy-six percent of the participants think it is important to be able to stay in their home while they age. There were 53% that were satisfied with their current home.
  5. Having a safe community. People want a neighborhood that they feel safe and secure in. Out of the participants, 83% said this factor was important. The number of households that believe that their neighborhood is safe has decreased across the US over the last few years. However, in this report, 61% were satisfied with the safety in their community.

Consider which of these goals are important to you. If you have goals that are unsatisfied, it is not too late to work towards attaining them. Be one of the people who love their home!

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