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Artificial Turf for a Perfect Lawn

Artificial turf, once primarily used for sport arenas, has become increasingly popular on residential lawns. The synthetic grass is made to look and feel like natural grass. Its benefits include:

Increases the value of property. Remodeling your landscaping to a turf lawn can benefit the worth of the entire property. The home and the landscaping are not separated; they come as one package deal. A turf lawn increases the resale value. Additionally, turf enhances the curb appeal, helping houses to sell faster.

Increases the usable square footage. With natural grass, there are times when the lawn is unusable because of extreme temperatures (drought or flooding). With turf, the lawn is not affected by the excess rain or lack of water; it is ready for all activities at any time.

Low maintenance costs. In San Diego, where water is becoming increasingly more expensive, people can spend a significant amount of money watering their lawn. Additionally, if the water system (hose, sprinkler, etc.) is not used properly, it can cause an abundance or lack of water, damaging the lawn. Turf does not have water costs, nor does it need the regular maintenance of trimming, fertilizing or any type of treatment.

High start up expense, long term savings. One of the biggest disadvantages of a turf lawn is the cost of installation. On average, it will cost $8.50 per square foot of turf. For a 1,500 square foot property, that will cost $12,750 dollars. That amount is a one-time investment, with little to no continually maintenance costs. Turf, in general, is guaranteed to last eight years. With natural grass, there are three main one-time costs: preparation of the ground and sod, installing a sprinkler system, and laying the grass down. These costs, on average, accumulate to $11,750 for a 1,500 square foot property. Natural grass is not guaranteed to last a certain amount of time. The $11,750 does not include the cost for maintenance each year. To mow, fertilize, water, aerate, and kill weeds on that same property for a year, the costs accumulate to approximately $1,700.

To summarize, for the first year, turf will cost $12,750 (installation) while grass costs $13,450 (installation and maintenance). Over a long period of time, that will be an additional $1,700 spent on maintaining the natural grass, accumulating to $17,000 over ten years.

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