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Buying a home? Talk to your San Diego Neighbors

When purchasing a home, many people do not take the necessary time and effort to really know the neighborhood they are going to be moving to. You may have found your dream home, but if it is not also your dream neighborhood, you are going to be unhappy. Talking to the neighbors is a great method to discover what a neighborhood is really like. Here are topics you should cover with them:

San Diego neighbors

1. Your house.

Neighbors will have information that a Realtor does not know and that a seller does not disclose. For example, if the neighbors knew the previous homeowners, they could provide information about problems the homeowners have had with the home. Has this house had problems with leaks? Or drainage? Neighbors can also fill you in on problems that homes face in this particular San Diego neighborhood. By knowing this information, you have the opportunity to potentially reduce the price you pay for a home.

2. The neighborhood.

Amenities are an important aspect of community. Ask your neighbors for information on the amenities you care about. Are their any good hairstylists around? Dog walkers? Where do they dry-clean their clothes? Where is the nearest park?

Asking these questions will not only provide you with information about the neighborhood, it will also give you a sense of whether or not you will be able to get along with your neighbors. Having a neighbor who is loud or insensitive could cause you more headaches than you bargained for.

If you have children, it is important to verify that the area you want to purchase a home in is child-friendly. Questions about the school, recreational activities, and crime rate are necessary. Talking to neighbors who also have children will provide you with just the right information. They should know the schools, the district lines of the schools, babysitters, summer camps, and information about the safety of the neighborhood that a police report may not mention.

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