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Determining a Remodeling Budget

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What changes you can afford to make in your home? Here are tips to set up a budget for a remodeling project.. Read More..

Money Needed for a Down Payment

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There are lenders who offer lower down payments, some as low as 5 percent or even 3.5 percent if it is an FHA-insured loan.. Read More..

Finding a Good Neighborhood

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There are certain characteristics about neighborhoods that increase the risk in investing in property at that location… Read More…

Buying Your First Affordable Home

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The benefit of buying your own home can include: security in ownership, control of meeting your own wants and needs in a home, tax benefits, and strengthening your credit.. Read More..

Choosing the Right Size Home for Your Family

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Everyone’s searching for home sweet home, but finding that perfect place to put down roots for your family is a tough decision. One of the many important factors to consider is the size of the home. Picking a place that’s the right size for you and your family is essential to your comfort, price range, […]

Buying versus renting debate rages on

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One of the most significant decisions that anyone can make in their life is to purchase a home. Some home buyers may wonder if their decision to buy a home is the right decision for them since the average person changes their mind regarding their decision every five to seven years. While considering this information, […]

Advice for Second-Time Home Buyers

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When it comes to settling down, it can be difficult to find the home of your dreams. Although buying your first home is not an easy process, the second go-around can be much more favorable if you apply your newly learned homebuyer knowledge! It’s important to remember that the process of buying your second home […]

Should You Buy New or Remodel?

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Most people reach a point in their home when they start becoming a little antsy. The house may begin to seem too large after the children have moved out. The areas that you used to love in the house may begin to bother you. Whatever the reason may be, the question remains: is it better […]

Purchasing a Home for your Family

Signing a home purchase contract.

Buying a home for yourself is difficult. Buying a home for you and your family is even more challenging. Not only will you have to consider what you want in a home, but you will also have to try to meet the needs of multiple other people. Researching more information on the schools, activities available, […]

Preparing for a Home Inspection

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You are on your way to a successful sale, but there is still one step left that could hinder your plans: a home inspection… Read More..