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Buying versus renting debate rages on

Apartment is almost ours

One of the most significant decisions that anyone can make in their life is to purchase a home. Some home buyers may wonder if their decision to buy a home is the right decision for them since the average person changes their mind regarding their decision every five to seven years. While considering this information, […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from a Home Purchase

Real Estate Agency. Couple Looking at a Model of Their New Home

With the cost of rent continuing to rise in Tacoma, you may find yourself considering buying a home. Regardless if this is your first home purchase or your 5th, the investment always brings emotion, stress, and endless decision-making. Chances are you have already created a list of wants and needs with your realtor, but have […]

California Plumbing Fixture Requirements [Infographic]

Water efficient plumbing fixtures are not only beneficial in conserving water and reducing utility bills, but they are now a law that California home owners must follow. As of January 2017, residential property owners in California must replace any noncompliant plumbing fixtures with low flow water fixtures. Learn more about what this law requires in […]

5 Apps for Interior Design Decorating Ideas

When looking for creative interior design decorating ideas to renovate your house, don’t look any further than your cellphone. There are many apps that can assist you in your next design project. These five apps are must-haves for anyone looking to revamp their home’s design with unique interior design decorating ideas: Top 5 Room Design […]

Best Real Estate Apps of 2016

Nowadays, you can expect an app for just about any area of interest imaginable, and real estate is no exception. Before going out to begin house hunting or even turning your computer on to scroll through countless listings, grab your phone to download these awesome real estate apps that are trending this year. Each app […]

10 Tips For Decorating A Small Space

Small spaces in a home can be awkward for homeowners. The unusual size can easily cause a homeowner to feel overwhelmed. To make a small room look good is not a simple task. Because of the shortage of space, these rooms look cramped with not much in them. They are also not very forgiving, with […]

What You Need To Know About Making Changes To Your Home’s Landscaping

Summer time typically brings out the best of us. With better weather, kids on break, and more free time, people tend to be more motivated and excited to be outdoors. Because of this, summer time is one of the best and most convenient times to get work done on your landscaping. Whether you want to […]

Ways To Bounce Back After A Foreclosure

The Great Recession was one of the hardest times in the real estate world for the U.S. It started in December of 2007 and lasted until June of 2009. The Great Recession began because of a crash in the housing industry. With a failure in the housing industry, consumers stopped consuming. With less consumption and […]

Staying At your Home While You Age

At some point, all of us are going to have to face the reality of growing older. Whether you are there now or if you have awhile until you reach that stage, one of the greatest fears in growing older is knowing what to do about housing. People love their independence and the ability to […]

8 Ways To Increase The Use Of Your Outdoor Space

Autumn evening in a backyard

People love the idea of outdoor space. Homeowners want to be people who enjoy nature and the environment. The problem is, as much as we want to be that type of homeowner, it does not mean we always are. California has a distinct advantage over other states with its good weather all year long that […]