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Understanding the Appraisal

A real estate appraiser estimates the cost of housing

In realty, an appraisal is the estimated value of a home. Determining the appraisal is a necessary step in financing a home in Tacoma, WA. Read More..

Determining a Remodeling Budget

Worker with Large Driller

What changes you can afford to make in your home? Here are tips to set up a budget for a remodeling project.. Read More..

Finding a Good Neighborhood

Street and houses of upscale neighborhood on a summer morning

There are certain characteristics about neighborhoods that increase the risk in investing in property at that location… Read More…

Surviving Moving Day with Pets

Family With Children And Pet Dog Sit On Steps Of Home

Many pets are treated as part of the family. And like every family member, no one is to be left behind on moving day… Read More…

Buying Your First Affordable Home

Portrait Of Proud Young Couple Standing Outside First Home Together

The benefit of buying your own home can include: security in ownership, control of meeting your own wants and needs in a home, tax benefits, and strengthening your credit.. Read More..

Should you Refinance Your Home?

Mortgage application loan agreement and house key

If you’re interested, you may be able to earn a lower interest rate too, given your credit score has improved or the condition of the market has changed since you started your original mortgage… Read More..

Choosing the Right Size Home for Your Family

Eclectic living room in the Hamptons

Everyone’s searching for home sweet home, but finding that perfect place to put down roots for your family is a tough decision. One of the many important factors to consider is the size of the home. Picking a place that’s the right size for you and your family is essential to your comfort, price range, […]

6 Steps to Show Off Your Home

Room With Moving Boxes

Holding an open house in your home is a great way to attract buyers. Preparing your home prior to the open house is extremely important so that it can look inviting, without appearing too lived-in.   Here are some helpful steps to take to prepare to show your home to potential buyers:   Step 1: […]