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Cheap Fixes to Help Sell your Home

Cheap Fixes to Help Sell your HomeTo make your home more enticing for the buyer, there are certain fixes you can do on your home. Selling a home is not easy. You want to sell your home at a price that will make you a profit. Making slight changes to your house can help you reach that goal. However, you will want the projects to be low budget. Here are a few cheap home fixes that can help you sell your home!

The most important, completely free step: clean, de-clutter, and remove personal items. One impactful area to clean is the front entrance. Scrub the door, make the doorknob shine, and clean the front windows. First impressions tend to last.

  1. Paint.

    A new paint job can make a world of a difference. Chose colors that will lighten the room and make it seem more spacious. You do not have to repaint every room, but consider painting the areas that need it the most and the areas the buyer will see first.

  2. Light.

    Make sure all of the light bulbs are working to their full potential. Purchasing new lights and lamps that are more modern looking is a good investment in making your home more profitable. Be sure to clean the windows and move the curtains and shades to have the maximum light flowing through.

  3. Bathrooms and the Kitchen.

    Buyers pay special attention to bathrooms and the kitchen. If completely remodeling these rooms is out of the question, there are cheap changes you can make. In the bathroom or kitchen, if the tile on the floor looks old, consider only replacing the grout. Dig it out and put new grout in to make it look fresh and clean. A seller can replace the faucets in both rooms to new and more modern faucets. In the bathroom, the shower and bathtub should be caulked to make them look unused. No buyer wants to feel like they are using a bathroom that has been used by someone else for years.

  4. Curb Appeal.

    It does not matter what time of the year you are trying to sell, you should invest some time and money into the exterior of your home. The curb appeal makes the first impression. Weed, plant flowers, fix your sidewalk, and power-wash the deck. These fixes will take more time than money, but can reward you with a profit when your home sells.

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