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A Contemporary Styled Home

San Diego is most commonly known for its apartments, beach homes, and roofed bungalows. However, in recent years, the contemporary style is starting to be a housing trend. With famous architects in the area like Nathan Lee Colkitt, Sebastian Mariscal, and Jonathan Segal, the contemporary styled home is becoming more popular.

Contemporary architecture is a break from the traditional architectural style. As a category, it covers an array of designs and is frequently changing. Though it may seem hard to distinguish, there are specific features that categorize it as contemporary.

Some key elements that make a home contemporary include:

  1. The building is shaped geometrically but is asymmetrical
  2. Frequently makes use of natural lighting
  3. An open floor plan with few windows and doors
  4. A floor plan shaped to utilize the outdoor space, trying to merge indoors and outdoors as much as possible
  5. A layout that can be added to depending on family needs
  6. Clerestory windows that are tall and non-symmetrical
  7. Only one or two stories tall
  8. Made of recycled building materials for the inside and outside of the home (bamboo is common for the floors while granite is frequently used for the countertops)
  9. Eco-friendly heating, electricity, and plumbing

The contemporary style broke off from the modern style. The modern home was created for functional purposes. The style was simple. The shapes were symmetrical, but it was considered to be a machinelike style that was not warm and welcoming. The contemporary style is still functional. However, it takes on a distinct looks by having irregular patterns, being eco-friendly, and blending the indoor and outdoor spacing. As you consider purchasing your next home, think about making your home unique by having it built in the contemporary style!

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