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Decreasing Remodeling Problems

The end result of a home remodel is exciting, but the process to reach that can be quite a headache. Large remodels increase the chances of problems arising. Extra expenses and delays are caused by miscommunications, equipment malfunctions, or a shortage of supplies. Here are ways to decrease the problems that could arise when remodeling:

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1. Have a remodeling contract. The contractor should write up an agreement providing information on the specific job needing done. Make sure it is detailed and easy to understand. The more thorough, the better, as this is the contract you will be referring to throughout the completion of the remodel. Every state has different requirements for their contracts. In California, a contract should include details such as: a right to cancel, liability insurance, and a release of claims as the project is paid off. Other specifics that should be mentioned are: the payment plan, dates for the beginning and end of the remodel, and the contractor ensuring that he or she will have the right permits to do your remodel.

2. Have a point person. Decide who, on your end, is going to be in charge of discussing the remodel with the contractors. Then, have the contractors determine who their point person will be for you to contact. You and the contractors need someone to be able to address the concerns, changes, or problems that occur throughout the process. Designating one person from each side will make communication easier.

3. Have rules. Know where you want items thrown away, where the construction crew should park, if it is okay for them to smoke, and where they should store the equipment and supplies. Have guidelines set up that are important to you in order to avoid any anxiety or frustration later.

4. Expect the problems. Go through any problem that could arise and decide how you are going to respond to each problem. What happens if you cannot use your kitchen for a couple of weeks instead of days? What if the dust clouds are filling your entire house? What if the noise makes it impossible for conversations? If the problem never comes about, you can rejoice. If it does come, you will know how to respond.

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