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Four Tips to Sell Your San Diego Home

The two main goals a seller has are to sell the home quickly at a fair price. Here are four tips that have been researched and tested. They will help ensure that the seller meets his/her goals.

selling your san diego home

1. Price the house correctly.

This should be the first priority in selling a home. When looking to purchase a home, buyers will either be intrigued or completely disinterested in a home based upon the price. A house priced too high could cause the seller to miss great prospects. A house priced too low could cause the seller to lose money. In San Diego, from March 14th to June 14th, the median sales price for a home was $452,000. For each square foot of land in San Diego, the average cost is $350.

2. Pick the right location.

Having a home in a good location will speed the rate and increase the price at which you can sell your home. Buyers want a house in a good neighborhood. Having nearby activities such as parks for the children, community pools for the summer, and gyms to workout at enhance your homes ability to be sold. For businessmen and women, having a home near transportation services is ideal. However, when comparing selling a home near a train station or airport and a home near a school or park, the school and park will win.

3. Fixing your home.

It is time to stop putting off any problems you have been delaying to fix in your home. Change the broken light, fix the squeaking door, paint the garage, and pick the weeds. You know the problems. You do not want to have a buyer decide against your home because of a minor damage. A buyer may believe that in seeing one small problem, the house probably has many areas that are not in pristine condition. Do not let them think this about your home.

4. Have a welcoming home.

Start with the exterior. Work on the curb appeal. Place some potted flowers at the entrance, include a welcome mat, have the window shades open. On the inside, move furniture around to make it seem more spacious, store any unnecessary items, tidy your belongings, and dust. Make sure that in looking at and entering in your home, buyers will see and feel like your home is a home they could easily feel comfortable living in.

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