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Hire a Home Inspector or Do It Yourself?

After looking for a home for a couple of months, you finally found one you love. The question that remains is: are you sure that the home does not have any problems that you are unaware of? Most homebuyers will hire a home inspector to do a thorough search. A professional will be able to provide you information on the building codes and the hidden problems. However, in order to save some money, there are areas that you can inspect yourself.

For the professional home inspector:

  1. The structure. A home inspector can determine what foundation your prospective home is built upon.
  2. Electrical. A professional should check most of the electrical. You want the system to be able to provide electricity for the home in its current state and for future renovations. They will need to check the grounding, the receptacles, the panels, the wiring, etc.
  3. Roofing. Have the inspector check the state of the roofing material.
  4. Plumbing. A plumber can tell you the condition of the pipes.
  5. Heating and air conditioning. A professional should check for problems with the duct work and furnace or fireplace.
  6. Gas. An inspector will have the necessary equipment to ensure that there are no dangerous gases in the home.

For the DIY homebuyer:

  1. Electrical. You can go through the house and make sure all of the light switches and outlets work. The outlets should not have any cracks.
  2. Roofing and Gutters. Make sure that the roof drains properly and all of the gutters are working.
  3. Plumbing. You can check the toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs to make sure that they all work properly.
  4. Doors and Windows. Go through and make sure that all of the doors and windows are aligned properly, close and open well, and lock.
  5. Heating and air conditioning. You can make sure that the heat and air conditioner turn on properly and reach and maintain the temperature you desire.

By going through and doing some of the inspection yourself, you will not only save yourself money, but will also have a better idea on whether or not your home inspector completed a thorough analysis. Take ownership of your home by being a part of the inspection process!

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