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Hiring a Professional Photographer to Sell Your Home

One commonly forgotten element used in the home selling process is pictures. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When selling your home online, this proves to be true. A professional photographer will provide you with the best pictures to help you sell your home.

IMOTO conducted a study where 350 properties were posted online with professional photographs and 350 properties in the same ZIP code were posted without professional photographs. The properties with the professional photographs sold 50 percent faster. These pictures were also viewed 118% more than the unprofessional photographs.

Professional photography will help you sell a home. However, the photographs are not going to help you sell a home if they are not taken or used correctly.

When hiring a professional photographer to sell your home, the right photographer should:

  1. Seek to sell the home. You want the photographer to have a background in marketing and have experience with this style of photography.
  2. Have a portfolio. You want to be able to see pictures they have taken in the past. The portfolio will give you a sense of their personal style. Specifically look for pictures of small rooms, like a half bath. Those rooms are difficult to present in a way that makes them seem like inviting, significant rooms of the house. If the photographer does not have that type of photograph in their portfolio, ask them for one.
  3. Have the right equipment. Ask the photographer what type of equipment he or she will be using. The camera needs to be able to take full-framed pictures. They should also have good software to be able to edit the pictures afterwards.

Once you hire the right photographer, you will want to make sure that you have the right pictures. The first pictures should be of the exterior of the home. These will be the photographs used to draw in the buyers. Then, other areas that need to be included are: the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, any unique attributes, and the small sections of the house.

Hiring the right photographer is going to put you one step above the rest of the home sellers. When looking to sell your home online, having good photographs is like having a great curb appeal: essential.

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