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How To Prepare Your Kitchen For An Open House

Preparing for an open house is not a simple job. Your possessions have to be packed, the house has to be cleaned from top to bottom, and the rooms need to be staged. Each of these tasks are needed to make the house appealing for the potential buyers. The kitchen is one of the hardest and most important rooms to prepare. It is hard because of the number of appliances that have to be cleaned. It is important because it is often considered the most valued room in a home. The kitchen has the potential to make or break the sale of a home. This is how to prepare your kitchen for an open house in order to increase the chances of your home selling.

  1. Stop using the kitchen earlier rather than later. Continuing to use the kitchen until right before the open house has the potential to add unnecessary stress to the life of the homeowner. Preparing the kitchen is a large project. With big appliances to wipe down, cupboards to de-clutter, and food to be purged, cleaning and preparing the kitchen is hard work. After all of the hard work you put into making the kitchen look like it has never been used, it is best to stop using the kitchen until after the open house. You will then have the confidence that the kitchen is as clean as it can get, with nothing left uncleaned. This decision is not going to be the most convenient. It may mean eating out, ordering pizza, or dining at a friend’s house for the week of the open house, but it will result in you not having to scramble to complete a lastminute cleaning.
  2.  Empty and clean the refrigerator. It is easy to think that a prospective homebuyer is not going to check the inside of the refrigerator. This results in homeowners deciding not to take the time to clean it. However, that should not be assumed. In an open house, expect the prospective homebuyers to want to see every aspect of the house, including the inside of the refrigerator. It is better to be prepared by having the inside cleaned out, then to not be prepared and have the prospective homeowner find some unpleasant surprises in the refrigerator. The items in the refrigerator should be emptied out and stored somewhere else. The inside and outside of the fridge needs to be wiped down and made spotless.
  3. Clean the floor. Whether you have carpet, wood, or tile floors, make sure the floor is clean! Having remnants of food on the kitchen floor is not going to help the homebuyer want to purchase your home. It will cause them to think that you are unclean, which will lead them to believing the entire house is unclean. A dirty floor will make every other aspect of the kitchen seem dirty. Make sure to do what you can to make it look new.
  4. Clean the stainless steel appliances. You paid the extra money for stainless steel appliances for a reason. And one benefit of having appliances in that material is that it cleans really well. Take the time to clean your stainless steel appliances. If you use the right materials for cleaning, you can make them look brand new.
  5. Clean the stove. This is one of the least liked aspects of cleaning the kitchen. Cleaning the stove is messy and gross. Stoves are full of burnt food and grease. And unfortunately, being able to clean up those items is not an easy task. You will need to clean the stovetop, the oven, and the outside of the stove. Cleaning the stove includes cleaning the burners, racks, the drip pan, etc. If any of these items seem to be too dirty to clean nicely, consider spending a few dollars to buy new ones. Make sure to read the instructions on how your stove should be cleaned. Damaging your stove during the process of cleaning it for an open house is going to add more stress to your life.
  6. De-clutter and wipe down the countertops. Having a kitchen with clean, open countertops is going to entice the prospective homebuyer. Store away all of the appliances you typically keep on the countertop. There is no need for a toaster, blender, or mixer to be stored on the counter. Put them away! A prospective homebuyer is going to love a countertop that is completely clutter-free and is wiped down clean.
  7. Wipe down the microwave. A microwave is not as likely to be opened as a refrigerator. But it is still important to have this appliance ready just in case someone does open it. It would be embarrassing to have a beautifully cleaned kitchen, only to have the prospective homebuyer open the microwave and find old food stains.
  8. De-clutter and wipe down the cabinets. People love storage. When a prospective homebuyer first looks in your kitchen, they are going to be taking note of how much storage space it has. As they open up the cabinets to see how much each cabinet can hold, make sure they are opening the cabinet doors to find a de-cluttered and clean cabinet. Only have essential items left in the cabinet. The less you have in them, the better. One you have de-cluttered the inside, make sure to wipe down both the inside and outside.
  9. Replace the cabinet door knobs. If your kitchen looks old, one way to bring it back into style is by replacing the knobs on the cabinets. New knobs are inexpensive and they can really do the trick in bringing a kitchen back to life. But try to avoid the brass door knobs.
  10. Buy flowers. Having fresh flowers in your kitchen is going to make your kitchen seem bright and welcoming. Buy some fresh flowers, put them in a cute vase, and set them in the middle of your kitchen table or on the countertop. Fresh flowers are the only item that should be found on the countertops!

Making a good impression on the prospective homebuyer by presenting your house well has a large impact on the potential for your house to sell. Preparing your house for selling is an area that you have control over in the selling process. Though cleaning your kitchen is going to take hard work, it is going to be well worth the effort when your home sells!

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