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How to Sell Your Home Before Christmas

The fall can be a difficult time to sell a home. Though young families are not likely to be searching for a home with the school year already started, people without children may be in search. These individuals will most likely be looking to buy before the winter, to be able to enjoy a stress free holiday focused on enjoying the Christmas season. What are ways that you can change your home to make it enticing for this group of homebuyers in order to sell your home before Christmas?

  1. Complete a deep clean. This is one of the easiest and most important parts of the home selling process. The number of homes being sold during this season is limited, therefore you want to do anything you can to make your home a step above the next persons. Easy ways to do this include:
    • Mowing your lawn
    • Picking the weeds
    • Cleaning the door mat
    • Scrubbing the decks
    • Vacuuming and/or sweeping
    • De-cluttering (remove toys, extra decorations, and knick knacks)
  2. Design a curb appeal for the season. Instead of having a curb appeal that is centered on the summer, transition the décor to give it an autumn feel. Look to find seasonal flowers that include yellow, red, and orange. Make sure not to go overboard on the decorations, but a few items here and there will make it feel more welcoming.
  3. Have a comfortable interior. There are homes that people do not want because they look too used and worn down. Then there are the homes that people do not want because they look like they came right from the department store and should not actually be lived in. You want to find the balance between those two. A home that has warm colors, with nice lighting, some colorful centerpieces, and an impressionable aroma will draw people in.

Make your home selling process easier this fall through making these changes. By selling your home now, you could be moved into your new place right in time for the holidays!

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