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How to Stage the Kitchen and Bathroom When Your Home is For Sale

When prepping your home for sale, do not forget to have the kitchen and bathroom ready. Most people focus on the curb appeal and the living room, but the appeal of the kitchen and bathroom is just as important. When it comes to remodeling, both of these rooms can be quite expensive. Therefore, homebuyers want them to be ready to be used right away, without having to extend extra time or money into having them changed. Here are three ways to stage the bathroom and kitchen.

  1. Deep clean it. When staging a home, everybody knows that the house should be clean. However, for the bathroom and kitchen, extra time should be invested in making the rooms spotless. The first step is to do a deep clean. Have the cabinets, appliances, floors, sinks all thoroughly cleaned. Then, after each use, wipe them down again. You don’t want unnecessary grime, food, or fingerprints taking away from the attractiveness of the home.
  2. Get rid of smells. In the bathroom, you should put in an air freshener that will release a fragrance on a regular basis. You do not want a strong smell, but one that is fresh and clean. In the kitchen, be careful not to cook any foods that are going to keep smells in the kitchen for long. Frying foods, including onion and garlic, or cooking fish and bacon are not good ideas. A prospective homebuyer will notice a smell right away.
  3. Remove clutter. The homebuyer needs to feel like there is plenty of space in the kitchen and bathroom for them to store their necessities. This includes de-cluttering the counters, cabinets, and shelves. You should only keep the essentials in those areas.

A nice kitchen and bathroom increase the satisfaction a person has in a home. Seek the advice of your realtor to know how to best decorate these areas. If you listen to their feedback, the chances of you selling your home will increase dramatically.

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