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How to Stage Your Home When You Have Children

The home selling process is a challenge. It is especially difficult when you are trying to sell your home while continuing to live in it. Then, if you add children into the mix, the entire process is astronomically harder. Here are a few tips on how to stage your home when you have children.

  1. Prepare the house for everyone. Throughout the home selling process, there is bound to be a few families with children that come to the house. But do not aim to only sell to those families. Prepare the home for everyone by minimizing the amount of children’s belongings in the house. Then, those with or without children are going to be able to picture themselves living in the home. Have the toys put in boxes, store your child’s refrigerator art, and keep the children’s shoes and coats in a closet.
  2. Get rid of the playroom. If you have a playroom, change it. Remove any of the toys and children’s items from the room. Put a desk and office chair or a sofa and coffee table in the room to fill it. Have a few decorations put up, but not too many or else the room will look small. Allow the homebuyer to decide what they are going to use that space for.
  3. Prepare the bedrooms. Children’s bedrooms are hard to work with. You want to change the child’s bedroom to a bedroom that can be used by anybody. If you have a paint job that looks childish, repainting to a neutral color is a good idea. Store the toys in a closet and out in the garage and be sure to pack up any of the children decorations.

While you are going through the difficulty of selling your home, remember that your children are facing the hardship of moving homes. Having to store all of their toys and have their room repainted may be difficult for them. Allow your children to pick out their favorite toys and belongings. Keep those in a box that is easy to access after every time you show your home. This will help your kids retain some normalcy through the process.

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