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In San Diego, Good Rentals Move Fast, So Be Prepared

By Tim Anspach

Great products offered at great prices will always sell fast, and great rentals are no different. If you are not prepared to act on a great opportunity once you find what you are looking for, someone else surely will. Based on many variables such as lending requirements, concerns over markets still dropping, and lack of income in this economy, fewer people are buying in 2012, and more and more are renting instead.

As a result, good rentals offered at a good price are moving at an incredibly fast rate.

Sunset on the Beach
Sunset at Solana Beach, San Diego

It is your agent’s responsibility to find you those great homes and let you know which ones are great deals that you need to move fast on, but it is your responsibility to be prepared in order to take advantage of your agent’s knowledge once you find what you want.

The best way to make sure you will be able to take advantage of a great price and great home is to be prepared with all the necessary paperwork landlords will be requiring so you can apply on the spot. You want to be able to get your offer in before anyone else and establish a connection with the owner first. Your agent will let you know what documents you will need, to present the best possible offer.

Landlords will require an application, credit report, and proof of income for all tenants over 18 in order for you to apply for a home. I always recommend my clients write a personal one-paragraph letter to the owner explaining their situation so as to make a personal connection with them. It is essential to have all of this paperwork completed before you view homes so you can submit an offer on the spot when you find the home you want.

There is no reason to not have this paperwork ready when you start viewing homes because it is essential for an application when you submit to an owner.

If you wait too long to get the owner the documents they require, someone else who is prepared will be living in your dream house instead. Your offer submission is the owner’s first chance to get to know you, and a well-prepared application shows the owner you are organized and serious about your offer.

You can’t control what an owner is asking for rent, or what homes are available. All you can control is whether or not you are prepared when you find the home you want at the rate you want.

So be prepared, know what’s important to you in a home, and when you find it, strike!

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