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Inspecting Your Attic

Home inspections are essential before buying a home. The home needs to be checked for any current damage or potential problems. What seems like a great home may not actually be a great home. And sometimes it takes a professional, like a home inspector, to be able to make that decision. One often-overlooked area of a home is the attic. Inspecting the attic is crucial as it can provide information about the safety of the home.

When inspecting your attic, check out these three areas:

  1. The structure. In the attic, you will be able to find trusses and rafters that support the home. If there is any damage to them, a crack or break, take note that the home has most likely shifted. If the home was not constructed correctly, with the right quality or size of materials, then the entire structure of the home has been compromised. You should check for fire, water, and pest damage. These can all interfere with a stable structure. A fire will leave traces of black, the water will leave stains and moisture, and pests are going to leave chew marks. Be apprehensive if you see any of these signs.
  2. Insulation. The attic provides insulation for the home. Each home has a certain level of insulation. Living in San Diego, a warmer climate, the proper R-level of insulation is going to be lower than that found in colder climates. Have the home inspector check the level. A professional will also be able to provide you information on whether the insulation is in the right location and facing the right direction.
  3. The storage space. Look at the areas used to store. Make sure to move belongings around to be able to have full knowledge of the condition of the flooring. Similar to inspecting the structure, check the floors for signs of damage done by fire, water, or pests.

Inspecting the attic can be an uncomfortable job. It’s typically dirty, dark, and a tight space. However, without inspecting the attic, you risk having all types of problems come and haunt you.

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