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How Interior Paint Colors Affect the Vibe of Your Home

Interior design has incorporated the psychology of interior paint colors into its decision making process because of the effects it proves to have over our brains. A bright yellow wall that can help you feel bubbly and energized or a mint green ceiling that can cure a headache is capable of make a significant difference for many. For those brand new house-owners we’ve put together a guide to bring this fun science into the favorite rooms of your home.

Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors Can Have Power Over Your Brain

  1. Red is timeless and intimate

    It’s a color that you might be scared to use because it definitely has a strong presence. However, red can be very elegant and dramatic if used wisely. You can use it in a room to intensify the senses (perhaps a wine room), on a single wall to add life to a space (perhaps a blue room that would otherwise be very serious) or maybe even on an important piece of furniture (an elegant chair or a vase) to add a splash of color.

  2. White is fresh and peaceful

    This is one of our go-to colors when it comes to home decoration because it can’t be overwhelming and it goes well with everything. Brighter colors have the power of making a room feel bigger and white is definitely one of them. It’s also a synonym of purity so it can make a room feel cleaner. We don’t recommend this color if you have young children that might become tiny artists that enjoy painting on your walls. White is very easy to damage and it can seem dirty at times so feel free to use it only on window frames and doors.

  3. Grey and black are serious but powerful

    These interior paint colors might be better in an office than in your home because they can help you focus. However, they can be depressing if used excessively. In case you want to use grey in your home we recommend a lighter shade that can look elegant and even playful if it’s combined with a nice yellow area. Black can work wonders in furniture like tables, mirrors and maybe even a sculpture. It can make your house look modern and a bit edgy.

  4. Yellow and Orange are uplifting

    Ideal for a playroom, a space that inspires creativity or maybe just a room that needs a ray of sunshine. Yellow is controversial and sometimes people either love it or hate it. A vibrant shade of yellow in the proper place can lift your spirits, it can put you in a good mood, energize you and get your creative juices flowing,. A pale yellow can make you feel cranky after a while. Orange has a similar effect and because it’s the warmest color it can make you feel cozy and comfortable. It can also make you hungry so maybe the kitchen is the perfect place to add orange decorations.

  5. Green and blue are cool and intellectual

    Blue was considered a color exclusively for royalty many years ago, it’s also a color normally used for a boy’s room in lighter shades that can even create the effect of expanding the walls. Blue is an intellectual color that will allow anyone to reflect, but in excess it can literally make you feel “blue.” Combine it with brighter tones to avoid this. Like blue, green is a calming color. It’s considered a “good vibes” color because it’s relaxing and it makes us feel safe. One of the most underestimated colors in home décor, it can be a useful tool for any room in your house.

Buying a new house is exciting and adding the proper colors to your shiny walls can be the perfect final touch to make you feel at home. CA realty group is here to bring you a positive house-buying experience; we hope this article helps you make it even better!

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