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Interviewing a Contractor

Renovating a home is an exciting process. It gives you the ability to change your home to fit your wants and needs. It adds a personal touch. As exciting as it is, home renovations can also be very stressful and disappointing. The cost may be higher than what you had budgeted, or the style different than how you had imagined, or it may take more time than you had allocated. What can you do to help the process go as smoothly as possible? Hire the right contractor. In interviewing a professional for this job, address these three areas:

  1. Will the contractor create an itemized bid?

    Rather than having the contractor create one large price for the entire project, have the contractor write out the prices for every component of the project. This will provide you with more information on how they are using the expenses that you give them, ensuring that you are not being overcharged for any aspect of it. With itemized pricing, you will also know the amount of money you will save by removing specific parts of the project. An itemized bid will include pricing of areas such as: plumbing, electrical, flooring, lighting, and painting.

  2. Will the contractor provide you with a fixed price?

    Instead of having an estimate of the cost, have the contractor give you a fixed price in order to prevent any changes in the cost. If the contractor mentions that he or she cannot provide a fix priced because of all of the variables that are unaccounted for, work on getting those variables figured out. If the variables cannot be worked through until the project is started, have the contractor write out a fixed price for the work he knows he will have to do. Anything outside of that price can be bid for as a smaller project.

  3. How long has the contractor been working in San Diego?

    If the contractor has been working in San Diego for a minimum of five or ten years, they are more likely to have a solid network. You want the contractor to have good connections with the subcontractors and suppliers in the area. He or she will also have a reputation that you can follow up on through contacting the other professionals used or his or her previous clients. A contractor who has a great reputation should not have any problems with providing you with information on his or her suppliers and past customers.

If a contractor is not willing to do any of these items, then find a different one. A contractor who is not willing to meet your needs and wants on these three areas will probably not meet your wants and needs in the work that they are going to accomplish in the renovation project.

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