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Why You Should Invest In America’s Finest City

San Diego is a prime real estate location and will only continue to grow and flourish. From its sunny beaches to the remarkable art and culture, San Diego is what experts call ‘Real Estate Heaven.’ Perfect weather and incredible food are always sure to draw a crowd. In November 2016, San Diego home prices were up 5.8% over a year ago. These prices are projected to continue to increase, which proves for a healthy investment and great time to jump in while the water is warm. If you’ve ever considered moving to San Diego, purchasing a summer home here and/or starting a business, the time to do so is now.

The Market

Forbes is projecting rent in San Diego to increase 3.6% in 2017 and 3.4% in 2018. Real estate in San Diego is in increasingly high demand. Making it into the top 5 hottest real estate markets, San Diego is sure to secure your investment and become a great addition to your portfolio. San Diego’s mortgage rates are projected to skyrocket in the upcoming years. Prices will only continue to rise as the market fluctuates, so hesitate too much before become a homeowner. As the number of potential buyers in the market increase, demand for real estate will continue to grow, making your investment yield high profits when you’re ready to rent out or sell your property. Make sure you have an agent you can trust who is ready to jump in when the perfect home becomes available and to help guide you to next steps.


San Diego is known for its beautiful scenery and fun attractions. There is no shortage of wildlife with the unbelievable snorkeling in La Jolla to the incredible animals at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. San Diego is also known for its lush golf courses and divine country clubs. For family entertainment, there are amusement parks such as Belmont Park and fun for the whole family at SeaWorld and Legoland. And let’s not forget the scenic hiking trails and campgrounds that you are free to explore. The list of things to do in San Diego is never-ending!


San Diego is a very progressive city, filled with opportunity. San Diego is ranked as one of the top cities to start a business and the best places for business and careers. With the ever-growing population and extensive resources, San Diego has rich ground for business to thrive. Opening your business here would allow you to stay connected and easily grow your venture.


Known as ‘The Craft Beer Capital of America,’ San Diego has a wide variety of local restaurants, bars, and nightlife. You can sit by the cove in La Jolla or relax by the beach in Del Mar with a refreshing drink in hand while watching the waves roll in. At night, hit up the city of Encinitas and enjoy a fun night of amazing cocktails and mingling at one of their award-winning bars and restaurants.


How can you be upset when the sky is blue and the grass is green? You can’t! That might be why everyone here is always so friendly! Spark up a conversation with a perfect stranger and wave to neighbors as they drive by. San Diego is known for its good-looking, warm hearted population. Everyone is welcome here and we treat every fellow San Diegan like family. It’s a great place to meet successful peers and expand your network.


San Diego is well known for their delicious and authentic and Mexican cuisine. There are a variety of amazing restaurants with every type of food you could think of, from fine Italian dining to incredible Thai restaurants. San Diego prides itself on its rich culture while introducing fun, modern, urban restaurants with good food and great ambiance.

America’s Finest City is a fitting name for the wonderful San Diego, California. A beautiful city located in Southern California with perfect weather, beautiful scenery, rich culture, and great food is sure to make a thriving real estate market. Investing in America’s Finest City will make for many enjoyable adventures as well as a profitable venture.

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