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Is it a Good Idea to Stay in Your Home During Renovations?

Preparing for home renovations includes: saving the correct amount of money for the project, planning out the project, and hiring the right people for the project. Once these steps are completed and you are ready for the renovations to begin, you have to decide whether or not to stay in your home while the project is being completed. There are several factors that have to be considered.

If you choose to move during the renovation:

You need to think through the duration of the renovation, the size of your family, and the finances that you have available to know what options you can consider. The options that are available include, but are not limited to: staying in a motel, camping in a trailer, short contract renting, staying with friends or family, or going on a vacation.
Ideas to consider:

  1. If the renovation is going to last a long period of time and you have a large family, staying with some friends or family may be a bit overwhelming for you and for the people you are staying with.
  2. Though a motel room provides you with privacy and an independent space, if your mortgage payments and the cost of this renovation are stretching you financially, a motel room could put you over the edge.

If you choose to stay in your home during renovations:

The level of noise, busyness, and dirt during the renovation can wear down even the most laid back and patient people. Having your home turned into a construction site disturbs routine, creating stress. Any areas that may have once been considered private become an open space as construction works go through the home. Trying to keep the home clean becomes a never-ending task. If your bedroom is being renovated, you may find yourself living out of boxes. If your kitchen is being remodeled, you may not be able to eat anything off of your oven or stove. And if your bathroom is being fixed, you may have to use an outhouse. So how do you make a seemingly stressful experience not stressful when choosing to stay at home?

  1. Plan ahead. If the construction is going to take a few weeks or maybe even months, start planning ahead of time. Consider doing the renovations during the summer, where you and your family can spend more time outside. Go for bike rides, take the kids to the park, and use the grill.
  2. Be creative. If you cannot have the renovation done during the nicer times of the year, get creative. Change a room that is not being renovated into the space that is having the construction. Make the garage a bedroom, turn the basement into the living room, and switch things around to be able to continue to have the comforts that you had before the renovation. This is especially important in making a temporary area to replace your kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Install a barrier. Have a barrier put in place that will lessen the amount of dirt and noise entering the rest of your home. A contractor should be able to help you with this.

Do not let the renovation get the best of you and your family. Plan ahead, be creative, install a barrier, save up, and make the experience a positive one!

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