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Look for Pests and Rodents Before Buying

When buying a home, there are many areas to inspect. Most often, people are concerned about the stability of the structure of the home, a leak proof roof, and pipes that are functional. An area that tends to be forgotten about is pests and rodents. But do not forget about them! Pests and rodents can break a great deal on a home. They are difficult to exterminate, costly to treat, and can cause permanent damage. If you catch the critters before purchasing a home, the owner will be responsible for taking care of exterminating them. Here are ways to look for pests and rodents before buying a home:

  1. Any pest or rodent seen during the daytime. Most of these creatures move around at night. If you see one during the day, this could mean that the area these creatures are staying in is overcrowded, forcing them to be out at a time they typically should not be seen.
  2. Any signs of their leftovers. Pests and rodents are going to leave evidence of their presence. On furniture with cushioning (beds, sofas, chairs), look for rust colored stains. That is evidence of bedbugs. Along the baseboards and corners of the home, look for brown egg sacks. Those are from cockroaches. They will also leave black spots on the edges of countertops, or in cracks in the walls, or by electrical outlets. And lastly, rats are going to leave dirty grease marks on the walls and baseboards.
  3. Any new pest and rodent homes. Pests and rodents are looking for a new place to call home. Rats and mice are going to make a home in dark areas. They will gather newspaper or fabric and put it in places like the cupboard or attic. In order to travel to these places, they will make holes in the baseboards and walls. Ants are going to make homes in dirt piles. Most commonly, they will make a pile outside the home and then travel inside.
  4. Any odd smells. Many pests and rodents leave behind particular odors. Check under the sink and in the cabinets for a smell of ammonia, indicating mice. Cockroaches leave a musty smell in the kitchens and bathrooms. Any rotten smell could mean one of these creatures died. Beware that flies and maggots could be on their way.

If the home you are looking at is infested, you do not have to stop considering purchasing that home. Most pest and rodent problems can be taken care of. You should work with the realtor and home inspector to be sure that the pests and rodents are dealt with before you move in. Then you will not be responsible for investing the time and money to take care of the problem!

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