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Maximizing Space in Small Rooms

You found a house with everything you want except for one aspect: a small room. Instead of giving up on purchasing this home because of the one room, how about you try to make it work? Here are a couple house staging ideas for maximizing space in small rooms to make them look larger.

  1. Include a loft bed. Though this tip should only be used if the room is going to be for someone younger and more mobile, it is a great way to add additional floor space. As the bed is high, a desk, bookshelf, or dresser could be placed under the bed.
  2. Stick with the essentials. Measure the room before purchasing furniture and determining the set up of the room. You need to know what you will have space for. Minimal furnishings will keep it from feeling crowded.
  3. Store well. Have storage for your summer clothes when it is winter and store your winter clothes when it is summer. An abundance of clothing will lead to a more congested room and increases the opportunities for it to be messy. If you have a large closet, consider putting a dresser within the closet to increase the space in your room.
  4. Maintain cleanliness. The messier a room, the smaller it will look. Keeping up with simple matters of cleanliness like making the bed and putting your clothes away will make a drastic difference.
  5. Use wall space wisely. This can be a tough balance. Having shelves on the walls will reduce the space of having a shelving unit on the floor. But, if there are too many shelves or the shelves are cluttered, the space will look even smaller. This also applies to decorating. The more decorations the smaller the room will seem. But, decorations add uniqueness and a sense of homeliness.

Do not be completely turned off by a home because of the small room. If done correctly, small rooms can become a perfect space for their owner.

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